Paramedic Guide [Playing Doctor Trophy] – GTA 3

This guide will provide everything you need to know about Paramedic [Playing Doctor Trophy] in Grand Theft Auto 3. 

You will need to get in an ambulance to start the paramedic side mission.


Once you complete all 12 levels together with the money and additional rewards, you will acquire the infinite sprint.

A Health Pickup and an Adrenaline Pickup will deliver to your hideouts for rescuing, respectively, a total of 43 and 78 patients.

If you cancel or fail the mission, you must start from the first level.

Ambulances are not immune to wanted levels and easily become damaged.

You can’t use the “Pay ”n Spray” or change your vehicle because the mission ends as soon as you leave the ambulance.

It’s better to complete the paramedic missions in Portland early in the storyline, before the Triads and the Mafia become hostile towards Claude.

It means you have to complete it before completing El Burro’s mission Trial by fire or Toni Cipriani’s mission, The Pick-Up.

If you have already unlocked the second district or completed the story, the gangs in Portland are hostile towards Claude.

Then it’s recommended to complete this submission in Staunton Island.


Staunton is a flat area with wide and straight streets.

Most importantly, the Paramedic mission in this district gives you significantly longer time than in Portland.

The trick is to take it slow; you will need to drive carefully and avoid crashing to preserve the ambulance’s health.

It also means that you should always avoid hitting pedestrians, which causes damage to the vehicle and gives you a wanted level.

Turning the sirens on could make things harder, as they make other vehicles’ movements unpredictable.

You have to turn them on briefly only when you need to clear a path.

You have to use the handbrake to take corners and prevent the vehicle from flipping over.

It’s Important to avoid the roads where the Colombian cartel (and the yardies if they’re also hostile to you) usually spawn.

You can often avoid those roads with minor detours, like the road going by the stadium.

Unfortunately, there are cases when you need to risk gunfire by picking up a patient in a cartel or yardies territory.

Always take a look at the map from the pause menu to plan the best route, avoid gang’s turfs, and try to pick up patients in groups of three.

Avoid driving down the stairs to get to the hospital; go a long way through the parking lot entrances.

You don’t have to worry about getting in and out in a big rush.

Completing all 12 Levels will take around 40 to 60 Minutes.


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