Part Of His World Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will let you know how to do the ‘’part of this world Quest’’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

First of all, you need to talk to Maui and he’ll need a bunch of things for shape-shifting enchantment. So you have to find some white impatiens, some purified night shards, and an empty vile. Empty vials can be made on your crafting table, all you need is some classic glasses made from Sand and coal.

To get some white impatience, you have to go to collections and then in the forging section, you’ll see that white impatience is found in forgotten lands. So go there to find those flowers and pick them up.

After that, all you need is purified night shards which can be dug out of the ground, and then make purified night shards out of a dream Shard. The night shards and dream shards are both dug out of the ground.

Night shards are found when you dig in the ground where there are some shiny spots.

Now you need to craft the shape-shifting potion, then return to Eric and give him the potion.

After that, give Remy the fish oil. In return, he will ask you to bring some garlic, onions, lance fish, and some crab.

You can find garlic all over the place in the forest of Valor and buy the onions seeds at the stand to grow. While the Lance fish is found in forgotten lands. So go to forgotten lands and fish at some blue bubbles to find the lance fish.

After that, you need to get some crab. It is located in frosted heights so go there and catch a crab.

You need to fish in blue bubbles for that and then bring all the things to Remy.

The next objective is to use the nautilus bait on your fishing rod and then fish for nautilus on dazzle beach where the river meets the sea.

Once you catch the nautilus, you need to return to Eric and give him the fish. After that go to Ariel and give her the nautilus pendant.

Then go talk to Eric and your quest will be completed.

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