Pet Abilities – Free Fire

In this guide, you will learn about all the Abilities or Skills of the pets in Free Fire. You can use the abilities and skills of different pets to make progress in the game. 

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    When you use the Panda in the game with the max level and kill the enemy, you will get 10 HP on each kill.

    Night Panther 

    When you reach the maximum level of this pet and play the game, you will get the 45 inventory space in your backpack. You can carry extra ammo using his ability. If you don’t have the backpack, then you can also carry the ammo with you.


    When you use this character, you can easily complete all of the mushroom missions in elite pass. When he has the maximum level, then this pet will mark the mushroom location. 

    Spirit Fox 

    When you reach the max level of this pet and play the game with this, then when you use the medi-kit, you will get 10 HP extra with her ability.

    Robo Pet 

    When you increase the level to the maximum of this pet, then a seal will cover the wall when you place a gloo wall. If the enemy wants to reach you, he first has to break the seal of the gloo wall to reach you. When you fight in the open field, this pet will give you a lot of benefits because you can place one gloo wall and easily use the medi kit to boost your health. 

    Poring pet 

    In the maximum level of this pet, when you have a level 1 helmet and vest, he will increase one durability of the helmet and vest every second. And after some time, your level 1 helmet and vest will change into level 3, and at that time, if the enemy gives you the damage, your helmet and vest will not blast. His ability can also repair the damaged helmet and vest after some time. 


    When you use a medi kit in the game or when your teammates use the treatment gun, the HP you gain after using the medi kit will give you  65 percent of the EP.

    Falco Pet

    When you use this pet in the game, your diving speed will increase by 50 percent with his max level. It will also increase your gliding speed by 45 percent, which means when you jump from the place and use your surfboard, your speed will increase by 50 percent. When you use the parachute, then your speed increases by 45 percent.

    Mr. Waggar 

    When you equip this pet, and you have only one gloo, or if you don’t have any, this pet will produce one gloo wall every 100 seconds in the game, and when you get two gloo, this pet will stop producing it. 

    Rockie Pet 

    The ability of this pet will decrease the cooldown time of equipped active skill by 15 percent so that you can use this pet with Chrono character.


    When you play with Beaston, then the ability of this pet to increase the distance of the gloo wall by 30 percent and the throwing distance of flashbang and smoke grenade will also increase by 30 percent.  


    When you equip Dreki in the game, this pet will spot four opponents using Medikits within 30m range, and it lasts for 5 seconds. Only you can see the location but not your teammates, and there is no cool down time for this pet.  

    Moony Pet 

    When you use the medkit or repair kit in the game, you will get 30 percent less damage when the enemy attacks you.  

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