Phil’s Shooting Range – GTA Vice City Stories

This guide will provide you with all the details about Phil’s shooting range in GTA Vice City. It will let you know how many points you need to score in all the rounds. 

Table of Contents

    Phil’s shooting range

    Phil’s shooting range is a 5 round challenge requiring players to earn points by shooting enemy targets. Shooting a “no shoot” target will incur a 200 point penalty.

    Completing this mission is required for 100% completion of the game. After completing the mission “cleaning house” to start this activity, you will need to reach Phil’s shooting range.

    You will earn points by shooting the enemy targets. If you shoot a friendly, you’ll incur a 200 point penalty.

    Each of the five rounds is played with a different weapon and limited ammo.

    You have to beat the qualifying score to progress to the next round. Complete all the rounds and win a prize.

    Round 1


    You will need to score at least 1000 points.

    Round 2

    Machine pistol

    You have to score at least 1500 points.

    Round 3


    In this round, you need to score at least 2000 points.

    Round 4

    Assault Rifle

    Score at least 2000 points in this round. 

    Final Round 

    Sniper Rifle

    You will need to score at least 2500 points.

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