Photo Hunt Cheat Codes

Photo Hunt challenges players to quickly spot differences between two seemingly identical photos. Players use their fingers on the touch screen to tap on the differences between the two photos before time runs out. The game includes a variety of levels and has a tournament mode for those who want to challenge themselves. With its vibrant colors, intuitive controls, and classic photo comparison gameplay, Photo Hunt is an addictive and fun way to kill some time.

Active Codes

xmaseveUse it to get the v0.13.2 cheat code
whereisevUse it to get the v0.11.1 cheat code
onlymyev4Use it to get the v0.10.3a cheat code
mirogone | unlock code = openachUse it to get the v0.15.1 cheat code
lovelymonUse it to get the v0.10.2 cheat code
justapassUse it to get the v0.11.2a cheat code
giseleUse it to get the v0.13.3b cheat code
fixfionaUse it to get the v0.12.1 cheat code
evishereUse it to get the v0.13.1 cheat code
evisalmosthereUse it to get the v0.11.2 cheat code
ev4lifeUse it to get the v0.13.4 cheat code
erograce | unlock code = giveittomeUse it to get the v0.14.1 cheat code
elvinaxxxUse it to get the v0.13.3a cheat code
badguyUse it to get the v0.12.3 Extra cheat code

How to redeem codes in Photo Hunt Cheat?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Photo Hunt Cheat:

You have to click on the phone icon in the lower left menu and then navigate to the Patrons section. After that, tap on Cheats, and enter the code in the text box to enjoy freebies.