Tropico 6 Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

Tropico 6 is a construction, management and political simulation game that was released in 2019. Giving you the control of a whole island, the game allows you to express your creativity on what can be fairly described as a pretty big canvas. The gameplay is smooth, the mechanics are well optimized, the story is deep and the characters are rich with intricate details. However, there are certain areas where the game could use some more fine-tuning. Well thanks to the diehard fans of the series and unparalleled contributions by the modding community, almost every aspect of the game can now be refined, tweaked and optimized exactly to your liking. And with console commands and cheat codes, you can gain an upper hand on your opponents without having to put in months of effort to master the game. Through cheat codes, you can access features like the ability to attain unlimited money, have an immortal army and even freeze the elections to rule the island forever.

Tropico 6 Cheat Codes

Infinite MoneyThis cheat will give you unlimited money.
Infinite KnowledgeThis code is used to get unlimited knowledge points.
Infinite Mandate TimeThis cheat will give you 10 years of mandate time and it won't go lower.
Infinite Raid PointsThis cheat code is used to get the 90 M raid points.
Infinite Swiss Bank MoneyThis code will ensure that you always have 90 B in the bank.
Infinite Broker ActionsYou will have infinite uses of the broker actions using this cheat code.
Editable ValuesA small list of values that you can manually edit, like Money, Mandate Time.
Edit Current Year/MonthYou can change the current date with the help of this code.
Edit PopulationThis code helps you to change the population to any number.
Edit Camera Zoom (Min/Max)This cheat is used to change the zoom of the game camera. You can set it to maximum or minimum.
Insta-Finish EdictsEdicts will complete instantly as a result of this cheat.
Immortal ArmyYour army will be immortal.
One Hit Kill ArmyYou can make your army kill the enemies instantly by using this command.
Super Power PlantsThis cheat code will force the power plants to give +900000 electricity.
Infinite Mine DepositMines will always have a deposit volume of 100000.
Freeze Election DayThis cheat will freeze the election and be the president forever.
All Edicts AvailableThis cheat will make all the edicts available.
All Research AvailableAll research will be available as the result of this cheat.
Unlock All Buildings [Including Wonders]This cheat is used to unlock all the buildings, including wonders, and removes the blueprint needs from them.

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