The picture above depicts the main menu of the game. On entering the main menu, you just have to type the cheat codes in order to unlock some serious adventure!

Cheat codes and their functions

Vegetarian mode:

This causes the enemies to show up at night only.


Typing this cheat will make all the other cheat nonfunctional except ironmade.


This code will make all the buildings imperishable. In order to disable it, retype “ironforest “again in the main menu.


This will implement pemra death mode and it can be disabled by simply typing “vegetarian” or “meat mode”


The name says it all! Typing this code in the main menu will allow 10% of the uprooted trees to regrow, when you fall asleep at night. In case the game is played by two players, the host will have to type it in order to make it applicable.


This will cause all the enemies to disappear except the cannibals present in the caves.


Entering this code enables you to reset the floor or roof holes in the saved game. The cheat will be effective in the start of the game and will reset on going back to the title screen. It has no purpose to serve for the multiplayers (MP).

Console commands for “The Forest”

Console commands are a guide to those beginners who are playing the game for the very first time and who want to know how to handle their player properly. So, the purpose of compiling this control list is to facilitate your game play!

Rebinding controlsBy holding CTRL keyboard key at the beginning of the game, you can rebind
your controls. But it must be noted that it is applicable in the “alpha
version” of the game only.
Inventory controls“Left Mouse Button” enables you to consume the food or endow an item present in the inventory.
“Right Mouse Button” allow you to consolidate your inventory by adding item to it.
Look controlsMouse” X” axis: this enables to see on your left and right.
Mouse “Y” axis: this enables you to see up and down.

Action and movement controls

W, S, A, D:These keys will allow you to move forward, backward, left, right.
Left shiftSprint
Left CTRL (holding)Crouch
Left clickAttack
Right clickDefend
Interaction controlsThe key “E” on your keyboard to communicate generally. Pressing the key
allows you to gather items and materials, ablaze cash or leaves, set
materials and to introduce new materials in then building. This key serves
for multiple purposes. It is also used to let go of items that you are
equipped with.
CPressing this key enables you to add meat to the fire, to store items in
the storage.
ZHold this key in order to sleep on bed or a shelter.

Some other controls

Press “B”For opening or closing the survival guide.
Press “I “For opening or closing the inventory.
Press “L”For equipping or unequipping the lighter.
Press “Q”To equip or unequip the walkie-talkie.
Press “M”For opening the map pieces.
Press “O”To use the lighter when it is equipped.
Press “P”To equip or unequip the pedometer.
Press “R”To rotate a selected blueprint.
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