The first thing I would recommend is to be careful when playing with console commands. It is a tool used for game development and one wrong step can crash your game. On the other hand, these console commands can also be used for different functional things, such as altering game settings, spawning items and controlling time. The commands are good especially for admins because with the help of these they can control players from the server.

whitelist remove<playername>This command removes players
from the whitelist
whitelist add<playername> <permissionLevel>Players can be added in the
whitelist with the given order
versionthis command is for loaded modes
and currently running version of the game
teleportplayer, tele<steamid or playerName or
entityId> {<steamid or playerName or entityId> OR <x>
<y> <z>}
With the help of this command
you can teleport the player fro one location to another
spawnwanderinghordeA wandering horde of zombies is
spawnsupplycrateWith the help of this command,
you can spawn a supply crate at the place where player is (It only works for
single players)
spawnentity, se[<playerId> <entityId>]If you want to get all the list
of player or entity IDs without any parameter, use this command.
spawnairdropFor spawning an airdrop use this
sounddebugIt toggles SoundManager debug
smoothworld, sw[<typeToFix> [<passes>]]You can smoothen the world with
the help of this command
shutdownThis Command shuts down the
shownexthordetimeYou can see the wandering horde
time with the help of this command
showinventory, si<steamid or playerName or entityId>List inventory of the given
showchunkdata, scAll the data on the current
chunk can be seen with the help of this command
settime, st[<time>] or <day> <hour> <minute>You can set time with the help
of this command: if no time is set, the automatic time added will be 8.00.
The time will be either “Day” or night at 16.00.
setgamepref, sg[<prefName> [<value>]]if you want to set a game
prefrence or retrieve it, you can do it by using this command. Keep in mind
that this command doesn’t work for most settings.
sayplayer, pm<playerName or entityId> <message>If you want to send a message
when playing the game with a single player, you can use this command
say<message>Sends a message to all connected
saveworld, saSaves the world manually
reply, re<message>if you want to send message to
any player from whom you last received a PM, you can do this with the help of
this command
rendermap, rmYou can now render the map as
far as other players visited it
<steamid> OR <x> <y> <z>Land protection blocks, or block
of a particular player can be removed by using this command
memYou can now print information
about current memory consumption of the server, as well as you can call
garbage collector
listthreads, ltLists all game threads
listplayers, lpList all players
nearby [<entityid>]This command lists all land
protection blocks and their owners that are placed near the current player.
Default distance is 32 in both cases: x as well as z. you can also optionally
pass it to another distance
[summary | <steamid> |
<entityid> | <playername>]
This command lists all land
protection blocks and their owners. If the summary of the block is
passed, it only shows the number of keystones per player, if any of the other
is passed it only shows the keystones of the given player
[-online | -notbanned | <searchString>]This command makes the list of
all the players that have been online
listitems, li<searchString>A list of all the items that can
be given is made with the help of this command
listents, leAll entities can be listed with
the help of this command
kill<playername or entityId>if you want to kill any given
player, use this command
kick<playername> [<reason>]this command gives you optional
reason to kick any of the users
give<playername|entityid> <itemname> <amount>if you want to give a particular
item to any person, you can use this command
gettime, gtRetrieves current ingame time
getgamepref, gg[<match>]with the help of this command
you can get all the strings of a given prefrence
generatemap, gmA 2D map image of the current
world can be generated with the help of this command
gameover, gothe state of the game can be set
to Game Over
enablescope, esthis command enables or disables
debug menu for the client
debugmenu, dmEnables/disables debug menu for
a client
debuff<buffName>A creative menu can be enabled
or disabled
creativemenu, cm<0/1>Disable/Enable the creative menu
for the local player
cp remove<command>Remove the command permission
level definition
cp add<command> <permissionLevel>Add the definition of a
permission level for a given command
chunkcache, ccAll the chunks in the cache can
be shown by it
buff<buffName>This command gives a buff to the
local player
ban<playername> <duration> <unit>This command can be used to ban
users for a specific period of time. This time period can be in minutes,
hours, days or months.
aiddebugToggles AIDirector debug output
admin remove<playername>this command removes admin from
his place
admin add<playername> <permissionLevel>if the permission is given, you
can add any person as an Admin with the help of this command

How to Type Console Commands

Console command is usually achieved by pressing buttons at once, but it depends on your keyboard. To make sure what type of keyboard you are using, go to the options and have a look at your controls. It should be on the top. When you press that key, console command will pop up.

After the console menu pops up, you will have tons of options here. Once in the past, the console command didn’t have too many options, like it has now. One of my favorites is ‘debug mode’ which comes by typing DM in the console.

Debug Mode

When you are in the debug mode, you can press G on your keyboard to enter God mode. This will enable you to fly, have infinite stamina, and take no damage. Debug menu can be accessed by pressing Esc key; in the debug mode you can also kill yourself.

Pressing F5 in debug mode puts you in third person view

Creative/Cheat Mode

Apart from ‘debug mode’, you can also enter into a creative mode which some people call cheat mode. You can access this mode by typing CM in the console command.

In the following list, you will be able to get an interesting menu, full of things that you cannot craft in the debug mode. Here is a glimpse of the menu.

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