7 Days to Die Console Commands

7 days to die has had a loyal group of fans ever since its release in 2014 and even to this day, the game is attracting new players. In addition to that, the solid support of the modding community and enthusiasts are no doubt a contributing factor to keeping the game so well-received. Now the game is great as it is, to further spice things, you can use the command console to add new features and tons of customization options to the game. From gaining experience points to spawning items in the game, killing all players and teleporting to your desired location, creating huge hordes of zombies, and changing the sky to a blue moon, you can do all that by using different commands and cheat codes. In addition to that, there are over 2000 item IDs, hundreds of spawn item IDs and buff IDs, and additional quests. Once you enter the world of command console, playing the game without it just isn’t the same. 

The game console can be accessed on both single and multiplayer servers. Depending on your keyboard layout, you can access the game console using one of the following keys 

  • F1 
  • ” 
  • Ö 
  • Ø 
  • F2 
  • Ñ 

Once there, type in your command and press ENTER to send it. 

7 Days to Die Console Commands

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