The universe of Starbound is very difficult to explore, and it is very time-consuming too. You have two options: either you keep on playing the game for maximum hours and get things, or you use commands that will get you things instantly. It depends on how much passion you have to explore the world of Starbound. Apart from exploration, these commands also make the game lot easier for you.

Here is a list of Starbound Commands

Commands Descriptions

Admin Commands

/setspawnpoint You can set the default spawn
/fullbright Toggle between lighting engine
/timewarp Wrap time forward by seconds
/spawnnpc Spawn the NPC
/spawnmonster Spawn Monster Type
/spawnliquid Spawn quantity of liquid
/spawnitem Specify the item by the mouse cursor and spawn it

Simple Commands

/whoami Username and admin status can be displayed
/whereami Current coordinates can be displayed
/suicide Current character can be killed
/Deaths Number of your deaths
/played Time duration of the character played
/help A list of commands can be shown
/admin Admin mode can be disabled or enabled

Server Commands

/whereis Celestial coordinates can be displayed
/toplayership You can teleport yourself to another ship
/serverwhoami Admin status can be displayed
/pvp Toggle different player modes
/list List of all logged in clients
/message Send a message
/globalalert A global alert regarding a particular issue
/kickcid Make a kick
/kick Kick another player
/bancid Ban with client ID
/ban Ban any payer
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