Age of Mythology Cheats

Originally released about a decade ago, Age of Mythology certainly has stood the test of time. People still play this game like it was released days ago. But it is fair to say that after playing the game for so long, you sometimes want to spice things up a little bit just to keep things fresh. Other reasons aside, using cheat codes is just plain fun. To use cheats in Age of Mythology, you can Press ENTER on your keyboard and the command console will come up. You can then type in you cheat code in all capital letters and press enter again. 

There are some DLC specific cheats that only work if you have that DLC installed. DLC exclusive cheats are tagged with the DLC title. 

These cheats allow players to get access to features not available by default like having God powers, attain wealth and other resources like gold and food, or straight up win your current game just by entering a command. 

Age of Mythology Cheats

Cheat CodeDescription
TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE COPYBy using the TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE COPY cheat code, you can get 1000 more woods for yourself.
JUNK FOOD NIGHT COPYThe JUNK FOOD NIGHT COPY cheat code can give you 1000 foods in the game.
ATM OF EREBUS COPYThe ATM OF EREBUS COPY cheat code will provide you 1000 gold.
MOUNT OLYMPUS COPYThere are many civilizations in the game like Greeks, Egyptians, Norse and more. By using this cheat code you will get a full favour for your current civilization.
LAY OF THE LAND COPYThe LAY OF THE LAND COPY cheat code is used to show the full map of the game.
UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT COPYThis cheat code is used to hide the entire game map.
THRILL OF VICTORY COPYBy using THRILL OF VICTORY COPY cheat code, you will be able to end the the current ongoing game as a winner.
CHANNEL SURFING COPYThis cheat code will let your character to go on to the next scenario in the current campaign.
L33T SUPA H4X0R COPYL33T SUPA H4X0R COPY will casue a rapid building of any structure with just a blink of eye.
LETS GO! NOW! COPYThis cheat code will increase the speed of the game.
CONSIDER THE INTERNET COPYCONSIDER THE INTERNET COPY cheat is used to slow down the game speed.
DIVINE INTERVENTION COPYThis cheat code will renew all god powers and enables you to use all of them again.
PANDORAS BOX COPYPANDORAS BOX COPY cheat code provides you with several god powers.
WRATH OF THE GODS COPYYou can get particular god powers using this cheat code like torm, Earthquake, Meteor and Tornado.
GOATUNHEIM COPYThis cheat code enables the goatunheim god power. This power can turn all the units available on the game map into goats.
FEAR THE FORAGE COPYFEAR THE FORAGE COPY enables the walking berry bushes god power but this is only useful for the berry bushes.
BAWK BAWK BOOM COPYIt gives you the chicken storm power. You can generate a rain of explosive chickens on to the enemies.
I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! COPYBy using this cheat code, you can get upto 100 monkeys at your proposal. These monkeys can provide food to you.
WUV WOO COPYWUV WOO COPY cheat code will give you a flying purple hero at your town center.
TINES OF POWER COPYThis cheat code will provide you a fork boy unit which wil battle against the enemies along with you.
O CANADA COPYO CANADA COPY will provide you a lazer bear unit to fight with the enmies. This is one of the most powerful units in the game.
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA COPYISIS HEAR MY PLEA COPY gives you the option to spawn the heroes from the Fall of the Trident campaign.
SET ASCENDANT COPYThis code gives you the control of wild animals, chickens and all other animal units on the game map.
IN DARKEST NIGHT COPYIN DARKEST NIGHT COPY cheat code is ued to change the time cycle of the game. Day can change in night, mid night can be turned into evening.
RED TIDE COPYThis code will turn the color of water in red which results in the death of fishes.
MR. MONDAY COPYMR. MONDAY COPY codes gives Titans 1000% of handicap.
ENGINEERED GRAIN COPYUsing this cheat code, your animals will gain massive weight.
ZENOS PARADOX COPYZENOS PARADOX COPY cheat code will give you Atlantean god powers.
TINFOIL HAT COPYBy using this code, ownership of all units on tyhe game map are randomized.
TITANOMACHY COPYTITANOMACHY COPY spawn a Titan at your Town center.
RESET BUTTON COPYThis cheat code will unbuilt all the buildings on the map.
ATLANTIS REBORN COPYUsing this code, you can spawn the heroes from The new Atlantis campaign
BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK COPYBARKBARKBARKBARKBARK COPY lets you spawn a bella dog at your Town center, very imapctful dog with 5000 hitpoints.
NINJACONNOR COPYUing this cheat code you will get 100,000 each resource, maxes population cap, unlimited god power castings, 100x build/research speeds.

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