Age of Mythology Cheats

Originally released about a decade ago, the Age of Mythology certainly has stood the test of time. People still play this game like it was released days ago. But it is fair to say that after playing the game for so long, you sometimes want to spice things up a little bit just to keep things fresh. Other reasons aside, using cheat codes is just plain fun. To use cheats in Age of Mythology, you can Press ENTER on your keyboard and the command console will come up. You can then type in your cheat code in all capital letters and press enter again. 

There are some DLC-specific cheats that only work if you have that DLC installed. DLC exclusive cheats are tagged with the DLC title. 

These cheats allow players to get access to features not available by default like having God powers, attaining wealth and other resources like gold and food, or straight up winning your current game just by entering a command. 

Age of Mythology Cheats

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