Atom RPG Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

Originally released in 2017, Atom RPG was an instant hit when it came out. Based in a post-apocalyptic scenario, the game truly captured the essence of classic RPGs all the while implementing a modern design and stunning graphics. The game manages to stand out from other RPGs and to this day is attracting new customers.

That’s not to say the game isn’t without its flaws. There are certain features you wish the game had but are nowhere to be found while there are others that despite being there only serve to clutter the whole experience. Well, being popular sure has its perks. The game despite an older title continues to receive love from the modding community as well as the enthusiasts. The updates released drastically improve the gameplay and add features that are more than anything useful. Additionally, these updates smooth out a lot of bugs and offer customization options that give the game the necessary paint job any title that has been out for a while needs. You can teleport to your desired location, remove hunger from your character, add fuel and even change the radiation poisoning level in your body using the command console. Additionally, the game allows you to get all the crafting recipes in the game in just a couple of seconds. If you are tired of being bullied around by thugs and petty criminals, you can really turn the tables using these cheat codes and console commands.

How to Enable Command Console?

The in-game console can be accessed by pressing the Numpad * and Numpad 0 simultaneously. When the box opens, you need to type the following


Your cheat mode will then be activated and you can start applying your favorite Codes and Console commands

Atom RPG Console Commands

KillAllThis console command is used to kill all the people present on the map including your team.
AP [number]This command helps you to get the action points in order to impose your attack on the enemies. You have to specify the required number of action points in the syntax.
addfuel [number]This console command will add fuel into your. Must specify the number.
AddLevel [number]This command is used to add more levels into the game. For example, AddLevel 4 will add 4 levels.
AddXP [number]This console command is used to get yourself the desired amount of XP by specifying the number in the syntax.
HeroThis console command will give all the skills and abilities to your hero and makes him incredibly powerful.
Houngry [number]This command is used to remove the hunger from your body.
TeleportThis console command is used to teleport your character to your cursor location.
Toxic: [number]This command will result in decreasing the level of toxins in your body.
UnlockCraftThis console command is used to get all the crafting recipes present in the game.
UnlockMapThis command will reveal all locations on the map.
HelpThis console command will reveal all other codes in the Atom RPG game.
PobedaThis command is used to get you a GAZ-20-SG1 car.
radiation [number]This console command is used to change the radiation poisoning level in your body. You have to specify the desired number in the syntax.
AddItem [item name]This console command is used to add your desired items by specifying the item name in the syntax.

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