SCUM Console Commands

Scum was a huge hit when it was released back in 2018. With two years of contributions from the loyal fans, there are now many ways to get a more enjoyable experience thanks to command console and various admin commands. These admin commands are your best bet when playing in single player mode or if you are on a private sector. From spawning yourself a handy scope for your weapon to teleporting around the wide world of Scum, admin commands come in handy more times than you think. You can even access some of the games’ locked content if you know the right commands. And not to forget that these commands are a must if you operate your own server and need to kick or ban bad actors.  

You can access the chat box by pressing the T key on the keyboard. All commands start with a hashtag. Once you have typed the command, press enter again to send it. 

 Admin commands are not case sensitive but If there is a space between an item’s name, you should replace it with _. 

In addition to the admin commands, you can also have access to different NPC spawn codes, Item IDs and Vehicle spawn codes.

SCUM Commands List

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SCUM Item ID List

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SCUM NPC Spawn Code List

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SCUM Vehicle Spawn Codes

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