Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes

Released almost a decade ago, Starcraft 2 has enjoyed a fanbase that can almost be described as a cult. Thanks to a large group of modders and enthusiasts, the game continues to receive regular updates and continuous optimizations. But there are some features in the game that you just never use and others you wish the game had. Well, luckily, we have command console to mitigate that.  

With command console, you can access features that are locked in the game by default. You also get access to various customization options that are not available otherwise. Additionally, you can change the core experience of the game by enabling and disabling features according to your playstyle. With a long list of cheats to choose from, the game offers you the ability to enable God Mode, attain resources, heal instantly and even win the game by just typing a command. 

One little disclaimer is that these cheat codes can only be used in single player mode and using them will disable additional achievement gains until you start a new campaign. 

How to Enable Command Console?

You can access the command console by launching the game and pressing the ENTER key. Once opened, enter your cheat code and watch out for the word CHEAT (in capital letters) to appear in the chat log. The cheat will then be applied immediately. 

Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes

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