Soda Dungeon: Cheats & Strategy Guide, Tips & Tricks

Soda dungeon is a welcome addition to the armor games that allows you to induct different heroes and sending them for errands in the dungeons to loot the maximum treasure. The game will leave you with an exciting opportunity of enhancing your abode, buying new sodas and recruiting the new party members to your team. You will amass more gold, special items and much more as you go ahead in the game. That’s a concise description of the game.

Soda dungeon can be intimidating for the beginners and even the experienced ones may find themselves stranded at certain points in the game. So that’s preferable that you go through Soda Dungeon tips and tricks to amuse yourself to the maximum!

Get hands on your heroes first

Well it would be sagacious to buy your heroes first before updating other items. Doing so might leave you short of money in the early stages of the game. So it is strongly advisable that you buy your heroes first and then go on for upgrading your items. You will start off with a couple of Soda Junkies and will get better warriors as you progress further in the game. It doesn’t matter what sort of warriors you have. You have to equip your warriors with the best of equipment in order to derive maximum benefit from them. You need to upgrade your shopkeeper once.

Avoid using the wizard too frequently

Using wizard will help you save much time but excessive use of him can put you in dire straits. It can leave an impact on the amount of money that you have earned. The timing to use the warp skill would make a lot of difference. So it would be sensible to use the wizard only when you need him the most.

Avoid entering the arena unless you have formed the best team

The game has got an exquisite arena that enables you to earn precious and rare items but it is recommended that you don’t enter the arena unless your team comprises of the best members this game has to offer. Although, you need a minimum of three fighters to enter the arena but it would be better if you wait for a better opportunity to do so. Otherwise your number losses would exceed your number of wins!

No risk, no gain!

You shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks. The fight with the bosses can have terrible consequences but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid facing them. They can also, provide you with greater chances of amassing a fortune of gold coins and unique items. So you will have to dive into the river to test its depth! It would prove very advantageous in the end.

Invest in precious items

Precious items are very rare and they have numerous benefits for you. Initially, it would be wiser to focus on purchases of sodas and other decorative items and then show intent to buy the VIP items that actually come at higher expense. Buying them will provide a fillip to your statistics and inflict more damage when required.

Form the best possible team

Forming a good team in Soda Dungeon can be a daunting task. Go for the best possible heroes this game has to offer and keep on refreshing them at appropriate intervals. In this way you can probably have the best players available and you can send them off for fighting in the dungeons.

Check your hero’s statistics

It’s imperative for you to know everything that you need to know about your heroes, particularly the damage they cause and the world of good they can do to your team. Adapting these strategies is indispensable for having a good run in the game!

Taking advantage of Healers is a must!

It is completely necessary for you to heal up your heroes which are the requirement of most of the role-playing games. While assembling a team, you need to have at least one healer who is always there to help you out in adverse situations. Moreover, that healer must be equipped with the best of equipment and should be at your disposal all the time. Also these healing potions can be used to gain additional health while you set off for the fight in the dungeons. Using the potions at the right time may give you extra health and the strength to fight off tough adversaries.

Don’t depend solely on the auto-equip

The game offers an” auto-equip” feature that allows you to fully equip your heroes in no time. It is quite effective most of the time and works well. But it is also preferable that you better check the options that the auto-equip is providing to you before arriving to any decision. You may come to a point where the apparent equipment is not very beneficial. So it would be wise to go through the stats and know about their utility before going into the battle.

How to subsist in the dungeons?

You must carry the stone that indicates your opponent’s health as you enter the dungeons. This will enable you to have an idea of the rival’s health and help you decide which enemies you should be invading before others. Also you should kill the maximum number of enemies in the minimum number of attacks. So it’s strictly recommended that you devise a well-thought line of action before progressing further in the game.

Hiring and upgrading is significant

It will be simple for the beginners to hire the heroes during the early stages of the game. This is primarily because you would just be dealing with a couple of fighters initially and they can be hired on the spot without bearing much expense. As you proceed further, you will able to hire more powerful fighters. But strength is not the only thing that matters here. You are also expected to equip them with the most refined equipment available.

Upgrade your shopkeeper to get the best equipment

Upgrading your shopkeeper will help you get the best of equipment from him. You can use the armor and weapons to equip your fighter during the expedition. Once the expedition is over, you can return these items to the shop keeper. In this way, you will be able to reuse your weapons once you enter the dungeon again.

Accumulating a lot of coins in no time

If you want copious coins in a hurry, you can go to the shopkeeper and use the liquidate option that the game offers. Its working is really simple. For instance, if you have got some item in large quantities (usually more than 5) the liquidate feature will automatically ascertain the number of items that you possesses and if they are more than 5, it will sell the extra copies that you don’t really need and assign the remaining ones to the members to be used efficiently.

Also, you can sell the undesirable items to the shopkeeper regardless of how much or how less you have of them. This will help you acquire the most important equipment.

Post-boss fights can open new paths for you

You can win some valuable items and lots of gold by opening a door after your fight with a boss. These doors can get you a lot of other things other than precious prizes. They can open new horizons for you. For instance, they may give you a fountain that can be used in healing your allies and you can’t eliminate the possibility of winning a bonus called “treasure chest”.

On the other side, there are chances of you being attacked or being hit with a drowsy spell that can send all your allies to sleep, thus making them crippled to fight the next battle.

Augment your reputation

You will need a certain reputation and assorted variety of soda to unlock some characters. Sodas help you uplift your reputation but there are some other ways that can enable you to boost your reputation considerably. The “Décor upgrade” uplifts your reputation by 50 points while the tables and stools that come by your way will have something to offer you as well.

Watching advertisement will help you gather more free coins

It is possible for you to watch advertisement videos in the “Soda Dungeon” for as much time as they are available. You need to tap the coin counter and if it’s flashing it means that you can get 750 coins for each advertisement that you have watched. One more thing that needs to be taken care of is that if you are not connected to the internet, you can still tap on the coin counters. It will enable you to collect 750 coins without watching the advertisement.

Here is how you can beat the final boss?

Well Julius is the level 100 boss that is, by no means, an easy combatant. So, it’s absolutely necessary that you have a couple of best healers. Equipped with items, these healers can get into a fierce battle with Julius.

Once you have defeated Julius, Orange Julius to be more precise, you can go to the archaic, newly-repaired portals that will reset all your coins and must be informed that you will keep on winning the essence, relics and other items alike, and you will be in the position to keep all your upgrades that you have made throughout your journey. This will obviate the need of spending more amounts on upgrading once you have reset.

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