Yu-Gi-Oh: Tips Tricks & Cheats

It’s pretty easy to defeat the weaker opponents and get through the initial stages of the game. The problem arises when the game proceeds and the opponents start to get sharper and smarter. We are going to tell you some tips and tricks that will guide you all through the way till the end and you will gradually grow better in dealing with your enemies.

Make use of the ultra-rare cards as soon as you can

As it’s a new game the game developers have decided to provide the players with three ultra-rare cards that are available to the players at the very beginning of the game. These three ultra-rare cards include Yugi’s Dark Magician Card, blue-eyes white dragon and red-eyes black dragon. The cards that you possess are basically level 7 and level 8 cards which clearly indicate that you will have to do tribute summoning. Build a deck around these ultra-rare cards to hatch a trap for your rivals! It is strongly advisable that you don’t use too many of these cards in the beginning. It’s always good to start with 2 ultra-rare cards!

How to build your deck?

You need to be very careful while building your decks. Go through the following tips before actually playing the game:

You must make sure that majority of your deck cards are composed of monsters (1-4) stars. These monsters card are of great importance as they form the focal point of your defense and offense.

It’s imperative for you to keep various spell cards that can prove really handy at different situations of the game. It’s advisable to have a blend of offensive spells, buff spells and utility spells. Offensive spells can be used as a lethal weapon to counter attack your enemies. Utility spells are equally important but you need to be very precise with the timing while playing with them. Using right cards at the right time can pose serious threat to your enemies.

Trap cards also have a significant role to play. They are basically used to cease your opponents’ actions. To make the best use of these cards you need to play them with great precision. You need to have an idea about the cards that your opponent has in his deck and you also must know what these cards are capable and not capable of.

Execute your attack and defense with precision

The key to playing this game is that a good offense must go hand in hand. It must be noted that if you get into a defensive mode with your monster, the damage that will be inflicted on these cards can put you in deep trouble. The best way to avoid this is to review your situation before making any move. Similarly, make the best use of the utility cards because they can wreck some irreparable damage to the rivals.

Spend your gems wisely

Different cards in a pack have different value. You must be clear in your mind about all the cards that you have so that you can spend your precious gems wisely without making any hasty move.

You must take all the duel quizzes (including the optional)

This card game is all about setting missions and formulating well thought strategies to complete them. On of the missions in stage 4 demands to complete all duel quizzes, even the optional ones to proceed. That may sound simple but it’s all easier said than done. You will have to play sensibly and complete all one-star quizzes. Completing quiz 1-5 will award you with some essential cards. Similarly, completing quiz 1-6 will offer you with “block attack” that causes the monster to revert to its original defense position. All the cards that you get after completing these quizzes are essential and they will help you out through different stages of the game.

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