With two decades of immense popularity, Age of Empires 2 is still going strong with a dedicated audience who just can’t get enough of the game. We bet you have put fair number of hours into this game and while some of you are happy with the features the game comes with, others would love to experience features they keep hearing about but can’t find. Well, that’s because these features are only accessible via the Command Console, features like spawning, winning the game instantly, earning gold and obtaining units like the penguin unit which a fun, powerful unit of well, penguins. With more than 25 cheat codes, you can add that touch of new again to the game. 

But in order to access cheat codes, you need to know how to access the cheat console. You can simply press the ENTER key on your keyboard and the console will pop up. You can type in the cheat code in the console and press ENTER again to send the command. One thing to note is that while the cheat codes are not case sensitive as in some other games, you need to make sure the spellings are correct and that includes the punctuation marks like apostrophes.

Some cheat codes only work with the specific DLCs and some are exclusive to the HD edition of Age of Empires 2. These codes have a tag that indicates that.

In Multiplayer mode, ‘’Enable Cheats’’ tick box in the right lower corner must be checked for the cheats to work.

Age of Empires 2 Cheats

Cheat CodeDescription
HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON COPYHOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON COPY spawn a cobra car that riappidly fire bullets at the enemies.
TO SMITHEREENS COPYThis cheat code Spawns a Saboteur cheat unit”, the only non-cheat suicide unit on land. Aver fast and damaging squad.
NATURAL WONDERS COPYNATURAL WONDERS COPY provides you the access to control the animals in the game instead of humans.
I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD COPYThis cheat code creates as Elephant Archer that are very fast and good for exploring but are not able to attack.
FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY COPYFURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY COPY code spawns a Furious the Monkey Boy unit that is very good in destroying the buildings.
I DON'T EXIST COPYThis cheat code is used to summon a penguine unit. This unit is high armour and deals great damage.
ALPACA SIMULATOR COPYALPACA SIMULATOR COPY spawns an Alfred the Alpaca cheat unit. This unit is very lethal in the melee combats.
CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S COPYYou can get up tp 10,000 of food resources using this cheat code.
LUMBERJACK COPYLUMBERJACK COPY cheat code can increase the number of woodds to 10,000.
ROBIN HOOD COPYThis cheat code willl give you the gold resources up to 10,000 in numbers.
ROCK ON COPYROCK ON COPY code willl give you up to 10,000 of the stone resources.
MARCO COPYMarco copy code is use to show the full game map. Or you can hide it using the same code.
POLO COPYThis cheat code is use to enable or disable the Fog of War.
AEGIS COPYAEGIS COPY code helps you in Instant building, researching, resource gathering, and training. You can turn it off using the same cheat.
I R WINNER COPYIf you want to end your current game by winning, this is the best code for this purpose.
RESIGN COPYResign COPY cheat code will end your game on the losing side.
BLACK DEATH COPYIf you want to kill every available character in the game including yourself, you can use BLACK DEATH COPY code.
WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY COPYThis cheat code will kill all of your units and yourself.
TORPEDO[#] COPYYou can kill any specific enemy using this code. Just give the number of enemy when you are writing the code.
WOOF WOOF COPYBy using the WOOF WOOF COPY cheat, you can turn all the birds in flying dogds.
!MUTE COPYThis cheat code is used to disables taunts.
!NOMUTE COPYThe !NOMUTE COPY cheat enables the taunts.
NINJACONNOR COPYYou can get up to 1000,000 resurces of food, wood, stone, and gold using this cheat.
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