How To Make Car

This guide will let you know how to design a car in the Minecraft game. The first step you take is to place four black concrete blocks on the ground and add a stone button on each one of them as shown in the image below. 

Fill the gap between the blocks with spruce slabs and add a layer of spruce slab at the front and back. 

The next thing you need to do is to add brown concrete blocks at the top of spruce slabs in the same way as shown in the image below. 

Fill the gap between brown concrete blocks by placing dark oak stairs and use spruce wood slabs for the floor. 

Add a dark oak plank from top in the left middle gap and then add a black carpet at the top. Place black stained glass blocks in the middle as shown in the following image.

Then you will have to add dark oak stairs just next to the black stained glass blocks and add gray carpet at the top of glass blocks. 

Add an oak sign at the back and two birch buttons to the right and left side of this sign. The next thing you need to add are item frames at the front of the cat and use yellow wool in these frames. Add a birch button on the side of the car as shown in the image below. Now you have successfully designed a car. 

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