Kotor 1 & 2 Console Commands

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic was released in 2003 and it was followed by Knight of the Old Republic II a couple of years later. A lot of players have an emotional bond with the series and that is one of the reasons the game is still popular after more than a decade. Another reason it is so popular might have to do with its ability to incorporate cheat codes. With so many modders contributing to the game over the years, players are now able to play the game exactly to their liking and tune every single detail as they please. With the help of cheat codes, you can level up, gain experience points, get armor, health, skills, repair parts, medical kits, secure spikes and a lot more. 

In addition to that, you can spawn different items into the game using item codes. 

How to enable console command ?  

The first step to use cheat codes in the games is to access game console. To enable and access command console, you first need to close the game if it is running. 

For Steam Version of the Game: 

Open Steam 

Go to Your Steam Library 

Click the name of the game you want to enable console for (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II) 

Click properties, when the window opens, 

Click Local Files Tab at the top 

Then click Browse Local Files 

For Non-Steam Version: 

Go to the folder where you installed the game 

In Windows, the default pathway folder is usually LucasArts somewhere in Program files 

On Mac, the location is Library then Application then Support and then Knights of the old Republic  

Once there, for Kotor 1,Open the following file “swkotor.ini” with Notepad. 

For Kotor 2, Open the following file “swkotor2.ini” with notepad 

Once opened, scroll down about 40 lines and find the line that says “[Game Options]” . Add a new line below the “[Game Options]” line and type the following 


After that ,save the file and close notepad. Your console should now be enabled. 

One important point to keep in mind is that the console window in Kotor 2 is invisible even if it is opened. It is working but you just can’t see it like you do in Kotor 1. So, after pressing the Hotkey, type in your command and press ENTER even if you don’t see anything happening, and the command will be executed 

You can access game console by pressing the ~ key, right below the Esc key 

If it doesn’t work try one of the following 

  • ` – grave key for UK keyboards 
  • §
  • Ö
  • @
  • Ç


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