Kotor 1 & 2 Console Commands

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic was released in 2003 and it was followed by Knight of the Old Republic II a couple of years later. A lot of players have an emotional bond with the series and that is one of the reasons the game is still popular after more than a decade. Another reason it is so popular might have to do with its ability to incorporate cheat codes. With so many modders contributing to the game over the years, players are now able to play the game exactly to their liking and tune every single detail as they please. With the help of cheat codes, you can level up, gain experience points, get armor, health, skills, repair parts, medical kits, secure spikes and a lot more. 

In addition to that, you can spawn different items into the game using item codes. 

How to enable console command ?  

The first step to use cheat codes in the games is to access game console. To enable and access command console, you first need to close the game if it is running. 

For Steam Version of the Game: 

Open Steam 

Go to Your Steam Library 

Click the name of the game you want to enable console for (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II) 

Click properties, when the window opens, 

Click Local Files Tab at the top 

Then click Browse Local Files 

For Non-Steam Version: 

Go to the folder where you installed the game 

In Windows, the default pathway folder is usually LucasArts somewhere in Program files 

On Mac, the location is Library then Application then Support and then Knights of the old Republic  

Once there, for Kotor 1,Open the following file “swkotor.ini” with Notepad. 

For Kotor 2, Open the following file “swkotor2.ini” with notepad 

Once opened, scroll down about 40 lines and find the line that says “[Game Options]” . Add a new line below the “[Game Options]” line and type the following 


After that ,save the file and close notepad. Your console should now be enabled. 

One important point to keep in mind is that the console window in Kotor 2 is invisible even if it is opened. It is working but you just can’t see it like you do in Kotor 1. So, after pressing the Hotkey, type in your command and press ENTER even if you don’t see anything happening, and the command will be executed 

You can access game console by pressing the ~ key, right below the Esc key 

If it doesn’t work try one of the following 

  • ` – grave key for UK keyboards 
  • §
  • Ö
  • @
  • Ç


healhealThe heal console commad is use to set your health and force points to the maximun number.
giveitemgiveitem [item code]The give item console command helps you to add a particular game item in to your character’s inventory. You must specify the id of desired item.
warpwarp [warp code]This command will telepeort your character from one location to the other. You have to specify the location in the syntax.
setcomputerusesetcomputeruse [level]The setcomputeruse console command will set the computer use skills level of your character. You have the option to give your specified level number.
setdemolitionssetdemolitions [level]By using this command, you can set the demolitions of charatcer to any level by specifying in the syntax.
setstealthsetstealth [level]You can set the Stealth skill of your character to the specified level using this command..
setawarenesssetawareness [level]This command is ued to set your character's Awareness skill to the required level.
setpersuadesetpersuade [level]The setpersuade command sets your character's Persuasion skill to the specified level.
setrepairsetrepair [level]This command helps you to set the Repair skill of your character to your desired level.
setsecuritysetsecurity [level]The setsecurity command sets your character's Security skill to your desired level.
settreatinjurysettreatinjury [level]By using this command, you can set your character's Treat Injury skill to your specified level.
setstrengthsetstrength [level]This command sets your character's Strength skill to the specified level.
setdexteritysetdexterity [level]The setdexterity command sets your character's Dexterity skill to the particular level.
setconstitutionsetconstitution [level]This command helps you to set your character's Constituion skill to your specified level.
setintelligencesetintelligence [level]This command sets your character's Intelligence skill to the specified level.
setwisdomsetwisdom [level]This concole command can set the Wisdom skill of your character to the specified level.
setcharismasetcharisma [level]The setcharisma console command sets your character's Charisma skill to the particular level.
addexpaddexp [amount]The addexp console command will give experience points to your character. You can specify your required number of experience points in the syntax.
addlightsideaddlightside [amount]This console command will give you the light side points. And you must specify the required number of points in the syntax, otherwise it will provide you with the maximum points possible.
adddarksideadddarkside [amount]The adddarkside console command will give you the dark side points. And you must specify the required number of points in the syntax, otherwise it will provide you with the maximum points possible.
revealmaprevealmapThe reveal map command helps you to show the full map of your current sector.
givecreditsgivecredits [amount]givecredits console command is used to get credits for yoursef. You can specify the number of credits you want.
givemedgivemedThe givemed command provides your character with 100 med kits.
giverepairgiverepairThis command helps you to get 100 advanced repair kits for your character.
givecomspikesgivecomspikesBy using this command, your character cn get 100 computer spikes.
givesecspikesgivesecspikesThe givesecspikes console command gives your character 100 security spikes.
givesitharmourgivesitharmourYou can get 100 armor your character by using this command.
givepartsgivepartsThis console command will give your character 100 repair parts.
infiniteusesinfiniteusesWith the help of this command, you can use all items that would usually expire forever. Or if you have already enabled this, the command will then disable it.
invulnerabilityinvulnerabilityUsing this command you can turn on the god mode to protect your character from any kind of damage from the attacks of enemies.
brightbrightYou can enable the full brightness mode using the bright command. And if you have already enabled it, the console command will disable it again.
turboturboThe turbo cosole command is used to increase the movement speed of your character. Or it can be reverted using the same command.
addleveladdlevelThis command helps you add more experiece points to your current points. You can specify the required number in syntax.
restartminigamerestartminigameIf you are playing a mini game, you can restart that using the restartminigame console.
whereamiwhereamiIf you want to print your current coordinates to the console, this is the best command to do so.
dancedancemalakdancedancemalakdancedancemalak console command is used to turn Malak into a dancing Twi'Lek at the final battle
dance_dance_revandance_dance_revanThe dance_dance_revan console command is used to turn Revan into a dancing Twi'Lek at the final battle

KOTOR I and KOTOR II Item Codes

Item NameItem ID
Light-scan Visor KOTOR 1g_i_mask01
Motion Detection Goggles KOTOR 1g_i_mask02
Bothan Perception Visor KOTOR 1g_i_mask03
Verpine Ocular Enhancer KOTOR 1g_i_mask04
Bothan Sensory Visor KOTOR 1g_i_mask05
Vacuum Mask KOTOR 1g_i_mask06
Sonic Nullifiers KOTOR 1g_i_mask07
Aural Amplifier KOTOR 1g_i_mask08
Advanced Aural Amplifier KOTOR 1g_i_mask09
Neural Band KOTOR 1g_i_mask10
verpine Headband KOTOR 1g_i_mask11
Breath Mask KOTOR 1g_i_mask12
Teta's Royal Band KOTOR 1g_i_mask13
Sith Mask KOTOR 1g_i_mask14
Stabilizer Mask KOTOR 1g_i_mask15
Interface Band KOTOR 1g_i_mask16
Demolitions Sensor KOTOR 1g_i_mask17
Combat Sensor KOTOR 1g_i_mask18
Stealth Field Enhancer KOTOR 1g_i_mask19
Stealth Field Reinforcement KOTOR 1g_i_mask20
Interface Visor KOTOR 1g_i_mask21
Circlet of Saresh KOTOR 1g_i_mask22
Pistol Targeting Optics KOTOR 1g_i_mask23
Heavy Targeting Optics KOTOR 1g_i_mask24
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask KOTOR 1g1_i_mask01
Medical Interface Visor KOTOR 1g1_i_mask02
Advanced Agent Interface KOTOR 1g1_i_mask03
Tulak Hord's Mask KOTOR 1kor38b_mask
GenoHaradan Visor KOTOR 1geno_visor
Cardio Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant101
Response Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant102
Memory Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant103
Biotech Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant201
Retinal Combat Implant KOTOR 1g_i_implant202
Nerve Enhancement Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant203
The Party Selection Screen Available KOTOR 1g_i_implant204
Bavakar Cardio Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant301
Bavakar Reflex Enhancement Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant302
Bavakar Memory Chip KOTOR 1g_i_implant303
Bio-Antidote Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant304
Cardio Power System KOTOR 1g_i_implant305
Gordulan Reaction System KOTOR 1g_i_implant306
Navaradon Regenerator KOTOR 1g_i_implant307
Sith Regenerator KOTOR 1g_i_implant308
Beemon Package KOTOR 1g_i_implant309
Cyber Reaction System KOTOR 1g_i_implant310
Advanced Senseory Implant KOTOR 1g1_i_implant301
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant KOTOR 1g1_i_implant302
Advanced Combat Implant KOTOR 1g1_i_implant303
Advanced Alacrity KOTOR 1g1_i_implant304
Strength Gauntlet KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet01
Eriadu Strength Gauntlets KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet02
Sith Power Gauntlets KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet03
Stabilizer Gauntlets KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet04
Bothan Machinist Gloves KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet05
Verpine Bond Gauntlets KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet06
Dominator Gauntlets KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet07
Karaken Gauntlets KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet08
Infilitrator Gloves KOTOR 1g_i_gauntlet09
Advanced Stabilizer Gloves KOTOR 1g1_i_gauntlet01
Marko Ragnos' Gauntlets KOTOR 1kor38a_gauntlet
GenoHaradan Power Gloves KOTOR 1geno_gloves
Brejik's Gloves KOTOR 1tar03_brejikglove
Energy Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds01
Sith Energy Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds02
Arkanian Energy Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds03
Echani Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds04
Mandalorian Melee Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds05
Mandalorian Power Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds06
Echani Dueling Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds07
Yusanis' Dueling Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds08
Verpine Prototype Shield KOTOR 1g_i_frarmbnds09
Brejik's Arm Band KOTOR 1tar03_brejikband
Cardio Regulator KOTOR 1g_i_belt001
Verpine Cardio Regulator KOTOR 1g_i_belt002
Adrenaline Amplifier KOTOR 1g_i_belt003
Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier KOTOR 1g_i_belt004
Nerve Amplifying Belt KOTOR 1g_i_belt005
Sound Dampening Stealth Unit KOTOR 1g_i_belt006
Advanced Stealth Unit KOTOR 1g_i_belt007
Eriadu Stealth Unit KOTOR 1g_i_belt008
Calrissian's Utility Belt KOTOR 1g_i_belt009
Stealth Field Generator KOTOR 1g_i_belt010
Adrenaline Stimulator KOTOR 1g_i_belt011
CNS Strength Enhancer KOTOR 1g_i_belt012
Electrical Capacitance Charge KOTOR 1g_i_belt013
Thermal Shield Generator KOTOR 1g_i_belt014
Baragwin Stealth Unit KOTOR 1g1_i_belt001
GenoHaradan Stealth Unit KOTOR 1geno_stealth
Brejik's Belt KOTOR 1tar03_brejikbelt
Clothing {Variant 02}g_a_clothes02
Clothing {Variant 03}g_a_clothes03
Clothing {Variant 04}g_a_clothes04
Clothing {Variant 05}g_a_clothes05
Clothing {Variant 06}g_a_clothes06
Clothing {Variant 01}g_a_clothes07
Clothing {Variant 07}g_a_clothes08
Clothing {Variant 08}g_a_clothes09
Jedi Robe (Brown) KOTOR 1g_a_jedirobe01
Dark Jedi Robe (Grey) KOTOR 1g_a_jedirobe02
Jedi Robe (Red) KOTOR 1g_a_jedirobe03
Jedi Robe (Blue) KOTOR 1g_a_jedirobe04
Dark Jedi Robe (Blue) KOTOR 1g_a_jedirobe05
Qel-Droma Robes KOTOR 1g_a_jedirobe06
Jedi Knight Robe (Brown) KOTOR 1g_a_kghtrobe01
Dark Jedi Knight Robe (Grey) KOTOR 1g_a_kghtrobe02
Jedi Knight Robe (Red) KOTOR 1g_a_kghtrobe03
Jedi Knight Robe (Blue) KOTOR 1g_a_kghtrobe04
Dark Jedi Knight Robe (Blue) KOTOR 1g_a_kghtrobe05
Jedi Master Robe #1 (Brown) KOTOR 1g_a_mstrrobe01
Dark Jedi Master Robe (Black) KOTOR 1g_a_mstrrobe02
Jedi Master Robe (Red) KOTOR 1g_a_mstrrobe03
Jedi Master Robe (Blue) KOTOR 1g_a_mstrrobe04
Dark Jedi Master Robe (Blue) KOTOR 1g_a_mstrrobe05
Darth Revan's Robes (Dark side only) KOTOR 1g_a_mstrrobe06
Star Forge Robes (Light Side Only) KOTOR 1g_a_mstrrobe07
Combat Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class4001
Zabrak Combat Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class4002
Echani Light Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class4003
Cinnagar Weave Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class4004
Massassi Ceremonial Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class4005
Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class4006
Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor (Defense 7) KOTOR 1g_a_class4007
Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor (Defense 7, Immunity: Mind-Affecting) KOTOR 1g_a_class4008
Echani Fiber Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class4009
GenoHaradan Mesh Armor KOTOR 1geno_armor
Heavy Combat Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class5001
Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class5002
Zabrak Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class5003
Zabrak Field Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class5004
Reinforced Fiber Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class5005
Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class5006
Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 6) KOTOR 1g_a_class5007
Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 9) KOTOR 1g_a_class5008
Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 9, 30 sv Cold, Immunity: Mind-Affecting) KOTOR 1g_a_class5009
Republic Mod Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class5010
Light Exoskeleton KOTOR 1g1_a_class5001
Baragwin Shadow Armor KOTOR 1g1_a_class5002
Military Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class6001
Echani Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class6002
Cinnagar War Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class6003
Verpine Fiber Mesh KOTOR 1g_a_class6004
Arkanian Bond Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class6005
Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class6006
Davik's War Suit (Defense KOTOR 1g_a_class6007
Davik's War Suit (Defense 10) KOTOR 1g_a_class6008
Davik's War Suit (Defense 10, 20 vs Cold/Fire, Immunity: Mind-Affecting) KOTOR 1g_a_class6009
Environmental Bastion Armor KOTOR 1g1_a_class6001
Light Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class7001
Bronzium Light Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class7002
Powered Light Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class7003
Krath Heavy Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class7004
Krath Holy Battle Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class7005
Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class7006
Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class8001
Powered Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class8002
Cinnagar Plate Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class8003
Mandalorian Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class8004
Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 9, 10 sv vs all) KOTOR 1g_a_class8005
Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 12, 25 sv all, Immunity: Critical hits) KOTOR 1g_a_class8006
Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 12, 25 sv all, Immunity: Critical hits & Mind Affecting) KOTOR 1g_a_class8007
blank KOTOR 1g_a_class8008
Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh KOTOR 1g_a_class8009
Heavy Exoskeleton KOTOR 1g1_a_class8001
Heavy Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class9001
Durasteel Heavy Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class9002
Mandalorian Battle Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class9003
Mandalorian Heavy Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class9004
Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit KOTOR 1g_a_class9005
Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit (Defense 13) KOTOR 1g_a_class9006
Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit (Defense 13, 30 vs Cold/Fire, Immunity: Mind-affecting) KOTOR 1g_a_class9007
Cassus Fett's Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class9009
Mandalorian Assault Armor KOTOR 1g_a_class9010
Cassus Fett's Amor (special) KOTOR 1g_a_class9011
Lightsaber (Blue)g_w_lghtsbr01
Lightsaber (Red)g_w_lghtsbr02
Lightsaber (Green)g_w_lghtsbr03
Lightsaber (Yellow)g_w_lghtsbr04
Lightsaber (Purple)g_w_lghtsbr05
Guardian of the Forceg1_w_lghtsbr01
Mantle of the Forceg1_w_lghtsbr02
Short Lightsaber (Blue)g_w_shortsbr01
Short Lightsaber (Red)g_w_shortsbr02
Short Lightsaber (Green)g_w_shortsbr03
Short Lightsaber (Yellow)g_w_shortsbr04
Short Lightsaber (Purple)g_w_shortsbr05
Guardian of the Forceg1_w_shortsbr01
Mantle of the Forceg1_w_shortsbr02
Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Blue)g_w_dblsbr001
Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Red)g_w_dblsbr002
Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Green)g_w_dblsbr003
Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Yellow)g_w_dblsbr004
Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Purple)g_w_dblsbr005
Bastila's Lightsaber KOTOR 1g_w_dblsbr006
Double-Bladed Lightsaberg1_w_dblsbr001
Double-Bladed Lightsaberg1_w_dblsbr002
Rubat Crystal KOTOR 1g_w_sbrcrstl01
Damind Crystal KOTOR 1g_w_sbrcrstl02

KOTOR I and KOTOR II Warp Codes

LocationWarp Code
Command Module (Endar Spire) KOTOR 1end_m01aa
Starboard Section (Endar Spire) KOTOR 1end_m01ab
South Apartments (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m02aa
Upper City North (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m02ab
Upper City South (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m02ac
North Apartments (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m02ad
Upper City Cantina (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m02ae
Hideout (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m02af
Lower City (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m03aa
Lower City Apartments (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m03ab
Lower City Apartments (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m03ad
Javyar's Cantina (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m03ae
Swoop Platform (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m03af
Undercity (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m04aa
Lower Sewers (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m05aa
Upper Sewers (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m05ab
Davik's Estate (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m08aa
Sith Base (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m09aa
Sith Base (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m09ab
Black Vulkar Base (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m10aa
Black Vulkar Base (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m10ab
Black Vulkar Base (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m10ac
Hidden Bek Base (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m11aa
Hidden Bek Base (Taris) KOTOR 1tar_m11ab
Jedi Enclave (Dantooine) KOTOR 1danm13
Courtyard (Dantooine) KOTOR 1danm14aa
Matale Grounds (Dantooine) KOTOR 1danm14ab
Grove (Dantooine) KOTOR 1danm14ac
Sandral Grounds (Dantooine) KOTOR 1danm14ad
Crystal Caves (Dantooine) KOTOR 1danm14ae
Ruins (Dantooine) KOTOR 1danm15
Sandral Estate (Dantooine) KOTOR 1danm16
Anchorhead (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m17aa
Docking Bay (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m17ab
Droid Shop (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m17ac
Hunting Lodge (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m17ad
Swoop Registration (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m17ae
Cantina (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m17af
Czerka Office (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m17ag
Dune Sea (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m18aa
Sand People Territory (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m18ab
Eastern Dune Sea (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m18ac
Sand People Enclave (Tatooine) KOTOR 1tat_m20aa
Tatooine Temple (Tatooine) KOTOR 1m19aa
Early Tatooine Swoop Racing Area (Tatooine) KOTOR 1m45mg
Czerka Landing Port (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1kas_m22aa
The Great Walkway (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1kas_m22ab
Village of Rwookrrorro (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1kas_m23aa
Worrwill's Home (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1kas_m23ab
Worrroznor's Home (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1kas_m23ac
Chieftain's Hall (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1kas_m23ad
Upper Shadowlands (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1kas_m24aa
Lower Shadowlands (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1kas_m25aa
Part of Kashyyyk (Kashyyyk) KOTOR 1m25ab
Ahto West (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm26aa
Ahto East (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm26ab
West Central (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm26ac
Docking Bay (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm26ad
East Central (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm26ae
Sith Base (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm27aa
Hrakert Station (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm28aa
Sea Floot (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm28ab
Kolto Control (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm28ac
Hrakert Rift (Manaan) KOTOR 1manm28ad
Dreshdae (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m33aa
Sith Academy Entrance (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m33ab
Shyrack Caves (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m34aa
Sith Academy Entrance (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m35aa
Valley of Dark Lords (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m36aa
Tomb of Ajunta Pall (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m37aa
Tomb of Marka Ragnos (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m38aa
Tomb of Tulak Hord (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m38ab
Tomb of Naga Sadow (Korriban) KOTOR 1korr_m39aa
Czerka depot (Korriban) KOTOR 1m21aa
Prison Block (Leviathan) KOTOR 1lev_m40aa
Command Deck (Leviathan) KOTOR 1lev_m40ab
Hangar (Leviathan) KOTOR 1lev_m40ac
Bridge (Leviathan) KOTOR 1lev_m40ad
Yavin Station (Yavin Station) KOTOR 1liv_m99aa
Bridge (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 1ebo_m12aa
Mystery Box (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 1ebo_m46ab
Central Beach (Unknown World) KOTOR 1unk_m41aa
South Beach (Unknown World) KOTOR 1unk_m41ab
North Beach (Unknown World) KOTOR 1unk_m41ac
Temple Exterior (Unknown World) KOTOR 1unk_m41ad
Elder Settlement (Unknown World) KOTOR 1unk_m42aa
Rakatan Settlement (Unknown World) KOTOR 1unk_m43aa
Temple Main Floor (Unknown World) KOTOR 1unk_m44aa
Temple Catacombs (Unknown World) KOTOR 1unk_m44ab
Deck 1 (Star Forge) KOTOR 1sta_m45aa
Deck 2 (Star Forge) KOTOR 1sta_m45ab
Deck 3 (Star Forge) KOTOR 1sta_m45ac
Deck 4 (Star Forge) KOTOR 1sta_m45ad
Ebon Hawk Interior (Prologue) KOTOR 2001ebo
Ebon Hawk Exterior Hull (Prologue) KOTOR 2002ebo
Interior (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2003ebo
Interior Red Eclipse Slayer Invasion [1] (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2004ebo
Escape from Peragus [2] (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2005ebo
Interior (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2006ebo
Interior (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2007ebo
Administration Level (Peragus) KOTOR 2101per
Mining Tunnels (Peragus) KOTOR 2102per
Fuel Depot (Peragus) KOTOR 2103per
Asteroid Exterior (Peragus) KOTOR 2104per
Dormitories (Peragus) KOTOR 2105per
Hangar Bay (Peragus) KOTOR 2106per
Turret Minigame [2] (Peragus) KOTOR 2107per
Command Deck (Harbinger) KOTOR 2151har
Crew Quarters (Harbinger) KOTOR 2152har
Engine Deck (Harbinger) KOTOR 2153har
Command Deck (Harbinger) KOTOR 2154har
Dock Module (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2201tel
Entertainment (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2202tel
Residential 082 East (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2203tel
Residential 082 West (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2204tel
Cutscene with Carth Onasi [3] (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2205tel
Cantina (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2207tel
Bumani Exchange Corp. (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2208tel
Czerka Offices (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2209tel
Swoop Track [4] (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2211tel
Suburban (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2220tel
Suburban (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2221tel
Entertainment Module 081 (Citadel Station) KOTOR 2222tel
Restoration Zone [5] (Telos) KOTOR 2231tel
Underground Base (Telos) KOTOR 2232tel
Czerka Site (Telos) KOTOR 2233tel
Polar Plateau (Telos) KOTOR 2261tel
Secret Academy (Telos) KOTOR 2262tel
Refugee Landing Pad (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2301nar
Refugee Quad (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2302nar
Docks (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2303nar
Jekk'Jekk Tarr (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2304nar
Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2305nar
Entertainment Promenade (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2306nar
Goto's Yacht (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2351nar
Goto Cutscene [6] (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2352nar
Swoop Track [4] (Nar Shadaa) KOTOR 2371nar
Jungle Landing (Dxun) KOTOR 2401dxn
Jungle (Dxun) KOTOR 2402dxn
Mandalorian Ruins (Dxun) KOTOR 2403dxn
Mandalorian Cache (Dxun) KOTOR 2404dxn
Jungle Tomb (Dxun) KOTOR 2410dxn
Sith Tomb (Dxun) KOTOR 2411dxn
Turret Minigame [2] (Dxun) KOTOR 2421dxn
Iziz Spaceport (Onderon) KOTOR 2501ond
Iziz Merchant Quarter (Onderon) KOTOR 2502ond
Iziz Cantina (Onderon) KOTOR 2503ond
Sky Ramp (Onderon) KOTOR 2504ond
Turret Minigame [2] (Onderon) KOTOR 2505ond
Royal Palace (Onderon) KOTOR 2506ond
Swoop Track [4] (Onderon) KOTOR 2510ond
Iziz Merchant Quarter Invasion [7] (Onderon) KOTOR 2511ond
Iziz Western Square (Onderon) KOTOR 2512ond
Khoonda Plains (Dantooine) KOTOR 2601dan
Khoonda (Dantooine) KOTOR 2602dan
Khoonda Plains Cutscenes [8] (Dantooine) KOTOR 2603dan
Crystal Cave (Dantooine) KOTOR 2604dan
Enclave Courtyard (Dantooine) KOTOR 2605dan
Enclave Sublevel (Dantooine) KOTOR 2610dan
Rebuilt Jedi Enclave (Dantooine) KOTOR 2650dan
Valley of the Dark Lords (Korriban) KOTOR 2701kor
Sith Academy (Korriban) KOTOR 2702kor
Shyrack Cave (Korriban) KOTOR 2710kor
Secret Tomb (Korriban) KOTOR 2711kor
Command Deck (Ravager) KOTOR 2851nih
Bridge (Ravager) KOTOR 2852nih
Nihilus/Visas Cutscene (Ravager) KOTOR 2853nih
Surface (Malachor V) KOTOR 2901mal
Depths (Malachor V) KOTOR 2902mal
Trayus Academy (Malachor V) KOTOR 2903mal
Trayus Core (Malachor V) KOTOR 2904mal
Trayus Crescent (Malachor V) KOTOR 2905mal
Trayus Proving Grounds (Malachor V) KOTOR 2906mal
Kreia/Sion Cutscene (Malachor V) KOTOR 2907mal
Escape From Telos Cutscene [9] (Ebon Hawk) KOTOR 2950cor

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