My Summer Car: Cheats & Console Commands

Here is a list of My Summer Car cheats and console commands. You can type any of these commands in the graphics menu, and then press Enter to get the desired effect.

  • Seiv

This console command will instantly save the game.

  • Weat

If you want to change the weather in the game, use this command.

  • Rbed

In order to get some sleep, use this command.

  • Rtra

In order to bring the tractor back to your house, you can use this console command.

  • Rvan

You can also bring back the van to your house by using this command.

  • Rcar

Satsuma is a car in the game that you can bring to your house by using this console command.

  • Keke

By using this command, you will become immortal in the game.

  • Poor(***)

If you want to add some extra money to your account, use this command. While using this command, you are supposed to replace the asterisk with a number. For instance, Poor1000, if you want $1000.

  • Date(*)

You can even change the day in the game with the help of this console command. While typing the command, you are supposed to replace the asterisk with a particular date to which you want to switch.

  • Time(**)

If you want to rewind the time in the game, use this console command.

  • Sale

This command will instantly transport you to the shop.

  • Drag

A drag race is one of the most interesting things in the game, and you can directly go to the Airstrip for drag races by using this command.

  • Iefa

If your car is damaged, and if you want to repair it instantly, you can transfer it to the repair shop by using this command.

  • Hemo

Type this console command, and Jump directly to the home.

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