Doom 2016 Cheat Code

Originally released in 2016, Doom marked the soft reboot of the Doom Franchise and proved to be the breath of fresh air that everyone was hoping it to be. The shortfalls of the previous games were for the most part rectified in this edition and the gameplay was hugely inspired from the classic Doom games from the 90s.

That’s not to say the game is perfect and couldn’t use further enhancements. While the gameplay was good enough to put the franchise back on the map, not a lot can be said about the replayability as things start to get repetitive fairly quickly. Also some challenges and missions are too tough to be attempted frequently, well that is if you are playing the game without the cheat codes. Playing the game using cheat codes is a whole different experience. If you find the gameplay too repetitive, you can really rejuvenate your love for the game through features like the ability to activate god mode, get unlimited armor and weaponry, and changing the speed of the game. 

How to Enable Cheat Codes?

You can use cheat codes by typing them in the command console. You can enable command console by using devMode_enable 1 

Once enabled, try one of the following in order to access it. 

  • ~ key   
  • Ctrl + Alt + ~ 

You can then type your cheat codes in the console and execute them by pressing ENTER. 

One thing to note is that, when you use cheats like the God Command, your current game becomes tainted with a “Cheater” badge in addition to your online play being suspended. You can avoid that tag by restarting the game and then loading a new or a previously saved non cheat game. The cheat codes stop working after updating the game so do that at your own discretion.

Doom 2016 Cheats

God ModeThis cheat code is used to enable the God mode.
idaThis cheat code is used to get all the suit mod slots and suit mods.
idgkThis code helps you to kill the enemies by using glory kills.
idkaThis cheat code gives you access to every weapon and weapon mods in the game.
idkfaThis cheat is used to upgrade your health, armor, weapons, weapon mods, ammo capacity, suit mods and suit slots.
iddqdThis cheat code brings you unlimited health except for the hazards and retaliations.
iddtThis cheat will show all the unexplored areas and items.
idfaYou can upgrade your health, ammo and armor by executing this cheat.
FOV ChangeYou can alter the Field Of View with this cheat code.
Show FPSThis cheat is used to show the Frames Per Second on-screen.
Cheats ListThis code will list all the cvars commands.
Commands ListThis cheat is used to list all the commands.
Game Speed ChangeThis cheat code is used to increase or decrease the speed of the game.

Doom 2016 PlayStation Cheats

God ModeThis cheat code is used to enable the God mode.
Level warpThis code is used to select the game level by pressing either the left or right directional buttons.
Full armour, level keys, weapons and ammoThis cheat code will give you maximum ammo, armor and all the keys available in the current level.
Map all lines onThis cheat code will show all the unexplored areas of the AutoMap.
Map all things onThis cheat will show all forms of projectiles, enemies, scenery, items as blue triangles in the AutoMap.
X-ray visionThis code helps you to see the things around the corners.

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