Medieval II: Total War Console Commands

Medieval II has a loyal audience still to this day and believe it or not, the game is still attracting new players. But to spice up some of the duller parts of the game, you can use Cheat codes via game console. They are a great way to add all sorts of features like spawning, adding cash to your empire, automatically winning or losing the game, and adding units to your armies. Also don’t forget about money cheats, as the name implies, you can use cheats to give yourself money in the medieval world. 

To use cheat codes, you need to know how to access Command console. To open the game console, you need to press the ~key right below the Esc key on your keyboard. If that doesn’t work or you are using a non US keyboard layout, you can try the following keys and see which one works for you. 

  • ` key (grave), 
  •  ‘ (single quote/ Apostrophe), 
  • ö 

The same key works for opening and closing the game console 

Once opened, just type in the command and press ENTER and Voila! 

You can use cheat codes to get additional features, unit IDs to spawn military units, trait IDs to give your character certain traits and ancillary IDs.

Medieval 2: Total War Cheats

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Medieval 2: Units List with Unit IDs

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Medieval 2: Traits List with Trait IDs

[lt id=”28″]

Medieval 2: Ancillaries List with Ancillary IDs

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