Trials In Tainted Space Cheat Codes

Trials in Tainted Space is a game made by the same people that were behind corruption of champions and that is apparent right as you launch the game. Featuring similar elements that made its predecessor a hit, the game improves upon the shortcomings of corruption of champions and introduces a handful of new features while doing so. However, there are still some elements that are limiting to say the least and others which are not implemented very well. Well, fortunately enough, the game also isn’t immune to exploitation just like its characters and you can use different cheat codes to access features that give you the desired advantage in the game. Cheat codes allow you to get infinite items, skip levels, attain credits, and teleport to your desired location. 

How to Enable Cheat Codes?

You can enter cheat codes in Trials in Tainted Space using a keyboard to type in a message at any point. Additionally, you can also access a text input box and type your cheat code there in order to execute it.

Trials in Tainted Space Cheats

furfagThis cheat code is used to enable or disable the infinite item use for most consumable items.
bimboThis code forces the treatment in order to use the female effects.
bullIt forces the treatment to use the male effects.
amazonThis cheat code forces the treatment to use the amazon effects.
motherlodeYou can get enough XP to reach on to the next level.
insaneinthemembraneThis cheat code is used to change the Bess’ name to Runa.
88mphThis code will pass a large amount of game time.
mitziThis code will help Captain Steele to quickly rescue Mitzi, bypassing the Stellar Tether Dungeon.
anotherbrickinthewallThis cheat code will give you 100,000 credits.
ImpulseThis code brings up the Impulse menu for scene ID.
treatmentForces the treatment to use the default effects.
marcopoloUnlocks all planets excluding Breedwell and Kashima.
dollTeleports the player to the start of the Kiro quest dungeons.
clowncarAllows ship flight with any amount of crew members.
partyThis cheat code is used to start the Zaibatsu party.
tistheseasonThis code will show the menu with a list of special holidays.
laploveThis cheat code is used to revert the game to its previous inclusion of the Lapinara Parasitic female.

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