Subnautica Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

Subnautica is one of the best survival action adventure games available today and that is apparent from its ever growing popularity almost 5 years after its release. That is not to say the game doesn’t have its share of flaws. Some of the features present in the game unnecessarily complicate the gameplay while others certainly need some polishing in order to be useful. And then there are features that you expect to be there but are nowhere to be found. Needless to say, the game definitely could use a fresh coat of paint.  

Also certain elements can prove too difficult for some users to the point where the game stops being fun. Well, that’s where cheat codes come into play. Using cheat codes, you can access features that are disabled by default. Powers, skills and attributes no one man should possess can all be unlocked using these cheat codes. When you apply these codes, all of a sudden plants start growing super fast, locked doors start opening up, vehicles stop using power and you get an unlimited supply of oxygen at all times. 

And then there are console commands designed to smooth out bugs and drastically improve the gameplay. With a large catalogue to choose from, you can get features like the ability to teleport to any location, spawn different items, add items to your inventory and summon cyclops and Aurora. 

How to Enable Command Console?

In order to enter the world of cheat codes, you first need to enable command console which is disabled by default. After launching the game, press the F3 key. This will open a sub-menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Now press the F8 key to free your mouse. Now go ahead and uncheck the “Disable Console” box. Now press F3 and then F8 again to enable the console. 

Once enabled, all you need to do in order to access it is press the ` or ~ key (tilde) located right below the Esc key. This will open a grey box where you can type your console commands and cheat codes in order to execute them. 

An important point to note is that the console might get disabled every time you restart the game and you might need to press the F3 key once to open the menu and then again to close it before the console will start working again. 

For players using Xbox, you can access the developer console menu by pressing X+A+RB+LB simultaneously once you are in the game world. You can then enter your desired code in the text field.

Subnautica Cheats

fastgrowThis cheat code will let the plants grow super fast.
bobthebuilderThis code is used to add the habitat builder, survival knife, scanner and repair tool to your inventory.
nocostEnables you to use the fabricator, habitat builder, vehicle bay, and more unlimited.
noenergyThis cheat code is used to turn off or on the power usage for vehicles, tools, and sea bases.
nosurvivalThis code will disable the food and water requirement.
oxygenGives you unlimited oxygen.
nitrogenThis code will add the potential for decompression sickness.
invisibleAs a result of this cheat code, all the creatures will ignore you.
fastbuildYou can build modules with the habitat builder with the use of this code.
fasthatchThis cheat code will hatch the eggs more quickly.
fastscanIt is used to reduce the scanning time.
filterfastThis cheat code is used to reduce the water filtering time.
radiationYou can disable the radiation with the help of this cheat code.
fixleaksThis cheat will seal up the Aurora's radiation leaks.
unlockdoorsThis code is used to unlock all doors, except doors which will be opened with a laser cutter.
cure [range]This cheat code is used to cure you and all the creatures within the specified range of Kharaa.
infect [range]This code will Infect you and all creatures within the specified range with Kharaa.
countdownshipYou can Initiate the Aurora countdown timer with the help of this code.
explodeshipThis cheat will result in blowing up the Aurora.
restoreshipYou can Un-blows up- the Aurora using this code.
startsunbeamstoryeventThis code will start up the sunbeam story event.
sunbeamcountdownstartThis code is used to start the sunbeam countdown.
precursorgunaimThis will end the Sunbeam countdown.
forcerocketreadyThis cheat code is used to launch the escape rocket without disabling the quarantine enforcement platform.

Subnautica Console Commands

goto [name]This console command is used to teleport you to a particular location.
warp [x] [y] [z]This command will warp the set of coordinates you provide.
warpforward [meters]This console command is used to warp the player forward.
warpmeThis command will teleport you and your vehicle to the last base.
spawnYou can use this to respawn nearby if you are stuck in the game.
randomstartThis console command will send you onto the life pod at one of its start locations.
killThis console command is used to kill you and respawns you back on the lifepod.
item [item] [number]This command is used to add some number of an item to your inventory.
spawn [item] [number]This command will summon some number of an item or creature in front of the player.
clearinventoryYou can delete everything from your inventory with the help of this command.
sub cyclopsThis console command is used to summon the cyclops.
sub auroraThis command will summon the Aurora.
seaglideYou can spawns a sea glide executing this console command.
vehicleupgradesThis command is used to get all the common vehicle modules.
seamothupgradesThis will give you all Seamoth modules.
exosuitupgradesThis command is used to get you all Prawn Suit modules.
exosuitarmsThis console command will give you all prawn suit arms.
spawnlootThis command is used to summon quartz, copper ore, magnesium, salt deposit, gold, and four metal salvage.
madlootThis will addd glass, titanium, computer chips, batteries, a survival knife, a habitat builder, and a scanner into your inventory.
resourcesfor [item]This console command is used to get the resources needed to craft a certain item.
ency [name]This command will unlock the particular or all the databank entries.
unlock [blueprint]This console command is used to unlock the blueprint.
unlockallThis command will unlock all the blueprints.
dayThis command is used to set the time of day to daytime.
nightThis command will set the time of day to nighttime.
daynightspeed [number]This console command helps you to alter the speed of the day/night cycle.
speed [number]This command is used to increase or decrease the speed of the game by specifying it in the sybtax.
entresetThis console command is used to reload all the assets, except terrain.
gameresetYou can load the last save game with the help of this command.
farplane [#]This command is used to set the view distance in the game.
fogThis is a toggles command, used to enable or disable the fog.
freecamThis command toggles free camera.
fpsThis console command is used to display FPS and other statistics.
sizerefThis will spawn you a diver model.
vsyncThis is a toggles command used to enable or disable the vsync.

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