Risk Of Rain 2 Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

Risk of Rain 2 has enjoyed a dedicated group of fans ever since its release. Thanks to its replayability and various customization options, it is hard to get enough of the game. While the game is great as it is, you can further tweak out and fine tune your experience to your liking using command console and cheat codes. You can add features that you wish the game had and disable the ones you think hinder the game experience. whether you want to increase the size of your aim or enable the corpse disposal mode, the options are endless. Heck there is even a cheat that allows you to apply all of the cheats at once. 

How to Enable Cheats?

1). Command Console:

In order to access the in-game console,  

Press Ctrl + Alt + ` 

Once the console windows opens, type in your command and press ENTER to execute it. 

One thing to note is that this will disable stats tracking and in-game achievements. 

2). Game Files: 

To enable cheats in Risk of Rain 2, you need to make certain changes in the game files. 

Go to Program Files (x86) and then Steam > userdata > [number] > 632360 > remote > UserProfiles 

Now open the text file in notepad and scroll down to the end. Find the line that says  </stats> and paste the following before </stats> 







































Risk of Rain 2 Console Commands

aim_stick_assist_max_deltaThis console command will set the maximum amount for the aim to track.
aim_stick_assist_max_input_helpThis command is used to add magnitude towards the target on the scale.
aim_stick_assist_max_sizeThis will set the maximum size of the aim assist which extends over your crosshair.
aim_stick_assist_max_slowdown_scaleThis console command is used to adjust your sensitivity scales while dragging over enemies.
aim_stick_assist_min_deltaThis command will set the minimum amount where the aim assist can track to
aim_stick_assist_min_sizeThe console command is used to set the minimum size of the aim assist which extends over your crosshair.
aim_stick_assist_min_slowdown_scaleThis command will adjust your sensitivity scales while dragging over the enemies.
aim_stick_dual_zone_slopeThe slope number for stick dual zone.
aim_stick_dual_zone_thresholdThe threshold limit for stick dual zone.
aim_stick_exponentThe exponent while aiming from stick input.
aim_stick_global_scaleThe global sensitivity scale for stick aiming.
aim_stick_smoothingThe smoothing number for stick aiming.
anisotropic_filtering = Disable/EnableThis command is used to enable or disable the anisotropic filtering.
audio_focused_onlyThis console command is used to set the audio mute settings while focusing.
auto_simulate_physicsThis is a toggle command which is used to disable or enable the physics auto-simulate.
ban_steamThis command is used to ban the specific steam id from the server.
body_generate_portraitsThis console command will generate portraits for all the bodies that are using the default.
body_listThis command is used to list all the character bodies.
chat_max_messagesThis console command will display the maximum number of chat messages.
cheatsThis command will enable the cheats.
clearYou can clear up the console output with the help of clear command.
client_set_playersThis console command is used to set or add the network players for all local players. But it can be used in the Debug mode only.
connectThis command will connect you to a server.
connect_steamworks_p2pThis console command is used to connect servers while using the Steamworks P2P.
console_enabledThis is a toggle command that is used to disable or enable the console.
corpses_disposalThis will enable the corpse disposal mode which allows you to choose from Hard and Out Of Sight.
corpses_maxThis command will give you the maximum number of corpses in vision.
create_corrupted_profilesThis console command is used to create corrupted user profiles.
cvarlistThis console command will list all con commands and convars.
debug_aim_assist_visual_coefficient = 2This command is used to debug the visuals.
director_combat_disableThis console command will result in disabling all the combat directors.
disconnectThis command will disconnect from the current game server.
dump_network_idsThis command is used to list the network ids of all game objects that are currently networked.
dump_projectile_mapThis console command will dump the map between indices and projectile prefabs.
ea_message_skipThis command will skip the early access notification.
echoThis console command helps you to echo the given text to the console.
enable_damage_numbersThis command will display the damage and healing numbers.
execThis console command is used to execute a named config from the folder.
export_controller_mapsThis command is used to list all rewired controller maps of the player.
export_default_controller_mapsThis command will list all the default rewired controller maps.
findThis command is used to find all concommands and convars with its unique substring.
fps_maxThis command is used to set the FPS limit to maximum.
gamemodeThis console command is used to select the game mode for the next run.
gammaGamma boost, from -inf to inf.
helpYou can display the help text for concommand or convar executing this console command.
hostThis console command is used to host a server.
hud_enableThis is a toggle command used to disable or enable the HUD.
hud_scaleThis command is used to scale the HUD elements in game.
kick_steamThis command will kick the player with a particular steam id from the current server.
languageThis console command is used to select a language to display.
language_generate_tokensThis command will generate the default tokens which are inserted into a JSON language file.
language_reloadThis command helps you to reload the current language.
master_texture_limitThis command is used to adjust the texture quality.
max_messagesMax numbers of messages stored in the console log.
net_loglevelExpansion of network log.
net_p2p_debug_transportThis console command is used to print all the P2P transfer information to the console.
net_p2p_log_messagesThis command will enable the logging of network messages.
pauseThis command toggles game to pause or resume.
pingThis console command is used to display your ping status of the current server.
pp_aoEnable or disable the Screen Space Ambient Occlusion post processing.
pp_bloomThis command toggles the Bloom post processing.
pp_motionblurThis is a toggle command which is used to enable or disable the Motion blurring.
pp_sobel_outlineSobel rim light effect.
pregame_start_runThis console command will initiate the pregame run.
print_local_usersThis command is used to print all the local users.
print_statsThis console command will print the current statistics of the user.
quitThis command is used to quit the game
r_foliagewindThis command helps you to choose for wind in foliage.
r_lod_biasLevel of Detail(LOD) bias.
r_lod_maxThis command is used to limit the LOD level to maximum value.
r_shadowsThis console command is used to set the shadow quality.
r_softparticlesThis is a toggle command that disables or enables the soft particles.
remove_all_local_usersThis console command will remove all the local users.
resolutionYou can change the resolution of the game window with the help of this console command.
resolution_listThis command is used to list all the possible and supported resolutions for the current display.
resolution_scaleThis console command is used for scaling the resolution of nonfunctional game windows.
rule_show_itemsThis command will enable the voting on items in the pregame rules.
rules_dumpThis will vanish all the information regarding the game rules.
run_endThis console command is used to end the current game run.
run_print_seedYou can print the current run seed.
run_print_unlockablesThis console will result in printing all the unlockable present in the current game run.
run_scene_overrideOverrides the scene to enter in a run.
sayThis command is used to send a text or chat message.
scene_listThis will list all the available scenes.
set_sceneYou can set or change your scene with this command.
set_vstrThis command helps you to set the vstr to the specified value.
shadow_cascadesNumber of cascades used.
volume_masterTunes the master volume of the game.
volume_msxThis console command tunes the music volume of the game.
volume_sfxThis command is used to tune the sound effect volume of the game.
vsync_countDisplays the vsync count
wait_msDifference between each frame.
window_modeThis console command helps you to set the display to the window mode.
wwise_log_enabledThis command is used to toggle the Wwise logging.
user_profile_deleteThis command will delete an existing unique user profile.
user_profile_mainThis console command is used to display the current user main profile.
user_profile_saveThis command will save the progress of the user’s profile in a slot.
vfxbudget_particle_cost_biasDefault 0
viewables_listThis command is used to display all the list of the names of all viewable.
timer_resolutionThe Windows timer resolution.
timescaleThis command is used to set the timescale of per game.
timestepThis command is used to set the time step of every game.
transition_commandThis will fade out and execute the command.
user_profile_copyThis command is used to copy the user profile name to another slot.
shadow_distanceThis command is used to get the length or distance of shadow.
shadow_resolutionYou can select the shadow resolution with this console command.
stage1_podUse the pod on the first stage.
steam_idThis command will display your unique steam id.
steam_lobby_copy_to_clipboardThis command is used to copy the current active steam lobby to the clipboard.
steam_lobby_idThis command will display the steam id of the current lobby.
steam_lobby_inviteThis command is used to invite the player with a unique steam id to the current lobby.
steam_lobby_open_invite_overlayThis console command will open the steam lobby overlay to the friend invite menu.
steam_lobby_print_dataYou can print all the current data of the lobby using this command.
steam_lobby_print_listThis command will print the list of the lobbies from the previous plays.
steam_lobby_print_membersThis command is used to display all the list of the current members present in the lobby.
steam_lobby_update_player_countThis command forces the refresh in the lobby for players.
count.steam_remote_storage_list_filesThis command is used to list all the files of steam remote storage.
sv_listenThe server will accept connections from other players.
sv_maxplayersThis console command is used to set the maximum number of players in a lobby.
sync_physicsThis command toggles the physics auto syncing between the moves.
test_splitscreenLog in and create split-screen according to the users.

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