In this amazingly tempting factory management game, you have a lot of features and customization options. But there are some features you never use and some features you wish you had. There is an in-game command console in Factorio that you can use it to add tons of really useful features not present in the game by default. From things like crafting a desired item and controlling the spread of biters to adjusting the game speed and instant teleporting, once you are in the game console, the options are endless. 

One downside is that all your achievements are locked when you are using the cheat commands 

First things first, you should know how to access the game console. You need to press the / key (forward slash) or the ~ key located just below the Esc key on the keyboard while in the world in order to access the console. If for some reason, that doesn’t work, you can check which key opens the game console and even assign a different key to open it by opening the Menu and navigating to Settings, then select Controls and then Basic Interaction and finally Toggle Lua Console. 

When the console is open, you’ll see a blinking cursor at the bottom of the screen; you can type your command and hit enter to send it. This will also close the console. 

The console supports rich text tags. These tags are useful for Map Markers. 

Ctrl + Alt-clicking the map or ground will automatically insert a GPS tag and post it into the console. If you click something while pressing the shift key, it will insert a tag for that thing in the console. 

To see a list of all the basic commands, you can type “/help” into the console. However, if you’re after cheats, you can type “/command”  

One thing to note is that every command you can type in the game console is proceeded with a / (forward slash), and arguments are separated with spaces.

Factorio Command List

alerts/alerts [enable / disable / mute / unmute] [alert type]You can customzie your game experience using this command. You can Enables, disables, mutes, or unmutes any particular alert type by specifying in the syntax.
clear/clearThe clear console command is clea up the console. It will wipe out the existing messages from the console.
color/color [color name / rgba]The color command helps yu to change the color of your character. You can specify the color id or color name you want to replace with.
evolution/evolutionBy executing this console command, you can print out the evolution factors of aliens in your current game.
help/help [command]The help command is used to print the commands being used in the game. You have the option to print the list of all commands or any particular command.
mute-programmable-speaker/mute-programmable-speaker [setting] [scope]You can mute or unmute the sounds coming from programmable speakers. You can mute/unmute the sounds either for aonly locals or everone by specifying in the syntax.
perf-avg-frames/perf-avg-frames [tick amount]This console command is used to set the performance counter tick sample size. The perofrmance counter will update after the number of ticks you specified.
permissions/permissionsThis command will open up the server permissions Graphic User Interface and then you can take further actions.
screenshot/screenshot [resolution x] [resolution y] [zoom]The screenshot console command is used to take a screen shot and it will save in the data directory. You can specify the pixels and zoom in the syntax to take a screnshot.
seed/seedThe seed command helps you to print the starting seed of your current game map.
time/timeExecuting the time console command will send you a message with statistics for your current game related to time.
toggle-action-logging/toggle-action-loggingExecuting this command will toggle the logging of actions to the console. if this setting is already disabled, then it will be enabled after executing it
toggle-heavy-mode/toggle-heavy-modeThis cosnole command is used to enable or disable the desync debug function.
toggle-rockets-sent-gui/toggle-rockets-sent-guiThis command can disable or enable the rockets sent button that appears at the upper left corner of the game screen.
version/versionThe version console command is used to print the current game version.
admins/adminsThis command will send you a list of players who are admins on the game server that you are currently connected.
ban/ban [player name] [ban message]You can use this command to ban any particular player by specifying the reason in the command syntax.
banlist/banlist [add / remove / get / clear] [player name]By using this command, you can manage the ban list of the game. You can add or remove the players from ban list.
config/config [get / set] [option] [value]The config console command is ued to get or set the various game settings. You will be able to configure the game settings.
delete-blueprint-library/delete-blueprint-library [player name]This command can delete the blueprint library storage of a particular player or you can do it for all the player by specifying in the syntax.
demote/demote [player name]The demote console command can be used to demote any specified player from game admin.
ignore/ignore [player name]This command prevents the chat from showing messages from a particular player. You can specify the username of the player to ignore.
ignores/ignoresIf you want to print the list of the players being ignored by you then you can use this console command.
kick/kick [player name] [kick reason]The kick command is used to kick a particular player from the server of the game.
mute/mute [player name]This console command prevents the specified player from saying anything in chat.
mutes/mutesIf you want to print the list of the players being muted by you then you can use this console command.
open/open [player name]This command is used to open the inventory of any other player and you can even modify it.
players/players [online / count]The players console cammand is used to print the list of the players connected to a game server.
promote/promote [player name]The promote command helps you to promote a player as administrator.
purge/purge [player name]Purge command is used to clear all the messages of a particular player from the chat log by specifying his name in the syntax.
reply/reply [message]This command is used to reply the most recent message coming from any other player.
server-save/server-saveThe server-save console command helps you to forcefully save the game server in a multiplayer game.
shout/shout [message]This command is used to send a mssage to all the players connected to the game server.
swap-players/swap-players [player name] [player name]You can replace your character with the character of other players using this console command.
unban/unban [player name]If you want to unban a particular banned player, then you can use unban command. Specify the name of player in the syntax.
unignore/unignore [player name]If you want to unignore a particular ignored player, then you can use the unignire command. Specify the name of player in the syntax to unignore..
unmute/unmute [player name]You can unmute a muted player with the help of unmute console command.
whisper/whisper [player name] [message]This command is used to send a private message to any player. Just write the player name and your message in the syntax.
whitelist/whitelist [add / remove / get / clear] [player name]By using whitelist command, you can add the players in the whitelist which means they will not be able to connect to the game server. And you can also remove them from the list using same command.
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