Pillars Of Eternity: Cheats

You need to open the console box and then type (~) in order to insert commands and make them workable. You must insert the same characters as mentioned in the source (capitalization of alphabets matter)

Pillars of Eternity Cheat Codes

Iroll20Entering this command enables you to use all the weapons. Moreover, it
disables all your prior achievements.
Addability (player name) (abilityname)Grants your player with specific talents and abilities.
Advancetimebyhours (number of hours)Speeds up time.
Settime (time wanted)Enables you to get ahead of time in game (9 am is 9000 and 1 pm is
13000). (Note: a day is composed of 26 hours)
RestEnables you to take rest irrespective of where you are and what are you
DifficultySets the difficulty level to Easy (0), Medium (1), Hard (2).
AddExperience (value)Gives experience to the player.
GivePlayerMoney (value)Adds money
GodEnables the party members to become invincible.
NoFogAllows you to remove the fog.
UnlockAllMapsEnables you to unlock all the areas on the Atlas.
InvisibleEnables you to become invisible and the enemy forces ignore you.
ToggleSpellLimitThis enables you to cause destruction beyond limits.
UnlockAllUnlocks all containers in the area.

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