Spore Console Commands

Spore has proven to be one of the best real time strategy games over the years and still holds its own compared to the Modern titles. Reigning for over ten years, spore has come a long way. But the gameplay could use a lift up at least in some areas of the game and that is where the developer console comes into the picture. With console commands, you can customize the game experience to your liking and add features that you wish the game had and even disable the ones that you think make the gameplay obstructive. Through commands also known as cheats, you can access features like ability to unlock all the superweapons, gain DNA points without completing tasks, gain health, enable/disable blocksmode and even unlock hidden features. 

How to Enable Game Console? 

To access all these features, you first need to enable the game console. 

If you are using Windows, 

You need to press the following key combination: 

  • CTRL + SHIFT + C

If you are using Mac


Once opened, all you need is to type the cheat code in the console and press ENTER 

An important thing to remember is that there are some cheat codes that give you the Joker Badge. This badge disables the achievements, so if you want to continue gaining achievements, don’t use the cheats tagged with Joker Badge.

Spore Cheats

addDNAadddnaThe addDNA console command is used to get 150 DNA points.
moreMoneymoremoneyThe moreMoney command helps you to get more money in civilization and space stages.
levelslevels [-unlock / -unlockadventures]You can unlock the new levels and stages using this console command.
setConsequenceTraitsetconsequencetrait [trait code]The setConsequenceTrait console command is used to set the set the consequence trait. You have to specify the trait code to set.
unlockSuperWeaponsunlocksuperweaponsYou can unlock the super weapons by executing this console command.
spaceCreatespacecreateThis console command is used to unlock and recharge all the creation tools in space mode.
refillMotivesrefillmotivesThe refillMotives command helps you to refill the lost health points and other motives in the game.
freedomfreedom [on / off]This command is used to make complexity limits in the Creature Creator are raised by a large amount. Or you can also turn it off by specifying in the syntax.
evoadvantageevoadvantageThe evoadvantage console command is used to start a new game with one evolved creature.
settimesettime [(hours, minutes)]You can set the time at your avatar's position or you can even speed up the game time by exeuting this command.
renamerename [planet / star] [new name]The rename console command is used to rename a star or a planet.
adventureLookadventurelook [filter name]You can add or remove a adventure filter to your game's graphics. You have to specify the filter name in the syntax.
blocksmodeblocksmodeThis is a toggle command which is used to enable or disable the blocksmode. It will turn the creatures into their blocky representations.
capturePlanetGIFcaptureplanetgifThe capturePlanetGIF console command is used to capture a apinning GIF of your planet.
clearclearThe clear command helps you to clean up the console.
colladaexportcolladaexportYou can export the creature that is currently visible to you as a collada (.dae) 3D mesh file.
freeCamfreecamThis is a toggle command that is used to enable or disable the free camer mode.
helphelp [command name / -full]The help console command will print a list of all console commands or any particualr command.
highresTextureLevelhighrestexturelevel [off / low / medium / high]The highresTextureLevel command is used to increase or decrease the texture level of objects and entities present in the game.
historyhistory [amount]You can print the history of your last used commands by executing the histroy command.
killallhintskillallhintsIf you waqnt to remove all the hints from the game, then you must use the killallhints console command.
moviemovie [-record [name]] [-size [width] [height]] [-quality [0-1]] [-noui] [-noaudio] [-nocrop]You can record a video of your current game by executing this command. Recorded video will be saved to the Documents or the game's folder.
optionoption [option name] [option value] [-save] [-reset]This console command is used to see the list of options, to save an option or to reset a option.
pauseUIVisiblepauseuivisible [-show / -hide / -toggle]This is a toggle command that is used to set/ disable or unable the pause frame.
quitquitYou can quit the game instantly using ths quit console command.
styleFilterstylefilter [filter name]The styleFilter command is used to apply or disable the style filter to your game.
toggleCaptureUItogglecaptureuiThis is a toggle command, helps you to enable or disable the display of UI in the captured images.
toggleeditorbackgroundtoggleeditorbackgroundThe toggleeditorbackground console command is used to enable or disable the display of backgrounds in editors.

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