Tropico 5 Cheat Codes

Tropico 5 is a management and construction simulation game that was originally released in 2014. This game took the hearts of the players after just a few days of release and is still ruling over their hearts. Tropico has the perfect balance between macro and micro management. This is the best Tropico game in the franchise, even better from Tropico 6. This part introduces the multiplayer and co-operative feature for the first time in the series and it is one of the major reasons for its popularity all around the globe.  

The cheat codes give you access to many features within the game. For example, you can force all the buildings to complete instantly. Use all the cheat codes to reach the later stages of the game and have the best game experience.

Hold the right “Shift” button on your keyboard and then enter the cheat code of your choice to get the required output.

Tropico 5 Cheat Codes

surfsupHurricane disaster.
eldiabloDisaster (Fire).
shakennotstirredEarthquake disaster.
dryspellDisaster (Drought).
spinnyspinnyThis will initiate the tornado outbreak
redsquaredUSSR relations -20.
kurwaUSSR relations +20.
noscotchUS relations -20.
scotchUS relations +20.
lelawNo Prerequisites for Edicts
leveltwelvepaladinAll Workers' Experience Maxed, Students Instantly Graduate
llamalotteryThis cheat code will provide you with $100,000.
penultimoroxxYou can win the game instantly by using this code.
meepmeepThis cheat code will force the instant building in the game.
ifoundtheplansYou can unlock all the missions by executing this cheat code.

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