Smite Cheat Codes

Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena game. The playable characters in the game are gods, goddesses and mythological figures, each of them comes with different skills and weapons. You will need to play the role of one and engage in a battle against your opponents. In the Conquest mode, you have to make a team of five players to start a 5v5 fight and use different strategies in the battle to counter the opponents. You can use the gold to buy the starting items that give you different bonuses in the game. The phoenix and tower characters will have a great impact in these 5v5 battles. Smite is featured for free on Windows PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation. 

What are SMITE promo codes?

SMITE codes provide you with skin for a God, a playable God in-game, a chest roll, and a lot more.

Active Codes

FINCH – Redeem this code to get the Finch Avatar

You will be given a special promo code just for attending the Digital Loot Packs from Hi-Rez Expos and SMITE World Championships, organized by Hi-Rez Studios. It allows you to redeem a Digital Loot Pack and it changes every year. There is one more option to get it but you will have to pay 1500 games.

HRX 2019 Digital Loot PackGalaxy Shaper Nox
Splyce Jormungandr
Nemean Lion Hercules
Convention 2020 King Arthur
Ouroboros Global Emote
Cosmic Void Recall Skin
Galactic Title
Horus Announcer Pack
Set Announcer Pack
Merlin Announcer Pack
Divine Chest
SWC 2018 Digital Loot PackMystic Defender Neith
SWC 2018 Queen Aphrodite
SWC 2018 King Thor
Convention 2018 Cernunnos
Number One Global Emote
SWC 2018 Recall Skin
SWC 2018 Ward Skin
Divine Chest Roll
750 Fantasy Points
SWC 2017 Digital Loot PackHades Heebee Chibi
SWC 2017 Amaterasu Heroine
SWC 2017 Apollo Hero
Khepri Convention 2017
SWC 2017 Ward Skin
Thundersticks Global Emote
SWC 2017 Recall Effect
Divine Chest Roll
SWC 2016 Digital Loot PackSWC 2016 Zeus
Convention 2016 Anubis
Curse Agni
SWC 2016 Ward Skin
SWC 2016 Fireworks
Divine Chest Roll


Unfortunately, the following codes are no longer active.

amaterasu1Odyssey chest

SMITE and Twitch Promos

If you have Amazon Prime, you can get some promo codes that can be used to get free gods and skins. Make sure that your Twitch and SMITE accounts must be connected together.

Prince of Darkness Hades BundleThis cheat code will provide you with Hades (God), Prince of Darkness Hades (Skin), Prince of Darkness Avatar, Prince of Darkness Loading Screen, Prince of Darkness Announcer Pack, and all previous Twitch Prime SMITE bundles.
Gladiator BundleRedeem this code and get Thor (God), Gladiator Thor (Skin),
Gladiator Music Theme, Gladiator Loading Screen, Gladiator Announcer Pack
and Pyre Warrior Drogoz Skin for Paladins.
Desert Dragon Neith BundleThis cheat code will provide you with Neith (God), Desert Dragon Neith (Skin),
Desert Dragon Music Theme, Desert Dragon Loading Screen,
Desert Dragon Jump Stamp and Mittens Chicken Skin for Realm Royale.
King Arthur Twitch BundleRedeem this code and get King Arthur (God), Deathbringer King Arthur (Skin),
King Arthur Cutesy Avatar, King Arthur Loading Screen, and King Arthur Announcer Pack.
Awesome ChestThis cheat code will provide you with an awesome chest.
JT-6000 JanusRedeem this code and get Janus (God) and JT-6000 (Skin).

How to redeem the codes in Smite?

  1. Enter the game and click on the orange store text.
  2. After that, you will need to tap on the right menu. 
  3. Click on the Bundles dropdown menu and tap on Account.
  4. Now you will need to click on the promotional code. 
  5. Enter the code and redeem to get your reward.

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