Age of Empires 3 Cheats

Originally released in 2005, Age of Empires 3 has come a long way. With a legacy spanning decades, the Age of Empires Franchise to this day has a cult following. But you have to admit after spending all that time mastering the game, there are times when things just start to feel repetitive. Well, the in-game console can rectify that for the most part, giving the game some extra fun features. 

Through the game console, you can get unlimited unlock points, access hidden units in the editor, and use features like spawning, getting gold & food, and winning a game just by a command when you are in a tough spot. With over 27 cheat codes, there are a lot of features you are missing out on. 

You can access the game console also known as the chat box by simply pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard. Once typed, you need to press ENTER again to send it. Cheat codes are not case-sensitive but you have to spell them correctly or they won’t work. 

There are some cheats that are DLCs specific and tagged appropriately. They only work if you have that DLC installed.

Age of Empires 3 Cheat

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