Age of Empires 3 Cheats

Originally released in 2005, Age of Empires 3 has come a long way. With a legacy spanning decades, the Age of Empires Franchise to this day has a cult following. But you have to admit after spending all that time mastering the game, there are times when things just start to feel repetitive. Well, the in game console can rectify that for the most part, giving the game some extra fun features. 

Through the game console, you can get unlimited unlock points, access hidden units in the editor and use features like spawning, getting gold & food and winning a game just by a command when you are in a tough spot. With over 27 cheat codes, there are a lot of features you are missing out on. 

You can access the game console also known as chat box by simply pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard. Once typed, you need to press ENTER again to send it. Cheat codes are not case sensitive but you have to spell them correctly or they won’t work. 

There are some cheats that are DLCs specific and are tagged appropriately. They only work if you have that DLC installed.

Age of Empires 3 Cheat

Cheat CodeDescription
A RECENT STUDY INDICATED THAT 100% OF HERDABLES ARE OBESEThis cheat code is used to generate more food from all the enemies on the game map. The code willa also fatten the animals.
GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME COINThis code is used to add 10,000 more coins.
MEDIUM RARE PLEASEThis cheat code provides you with up to 10,000 more food resources.
code will give you up to 10,000 woods.
A WHOLE LOT OF LOVEA WHOLE LOT OF LOVE is used to get 10,000 resources of wood, coins and food.
NOVA & ORIONThis code is used to get yourslef about 10,000 experience points.
X MARKS THE SPOTThis cheat code is used to hise or unhide the full game map during the Fog of War effect.
TUCK TUCK TUCKTUCK TUCK TUCK code will summon The powerfull Tommynator monster truck unit.
YA GOTTA MAKE DO WITH WHAT YA GOTThis cheat code helps you to Spawns the Mediocre Bombard, a a powerful artillery unit that fires Capybara.
SOOO GOODThis cheat code is used to enable or disable the comical text that appear on the game screen regarding unit and building kills.
SPEED ALWAYS WINSYou can increase or decrease the speed of build, research, shipment using this code. If the speed is on the increasing side, you can decrease it using the same cheat.
THIS IS TOO HARDThis cheat is used to win you the current single player game.
WHERE'S THAT AXE?WHERE'S THAT AXE? cheat helps you to spawn one of the most powerful units in the game, George Crushington.
O CANADA 2005Using this code you can summon the Lazerbear unit. They have the ability of lazaer attacks with their eyes.
DON'T KICK THE PITBULLYou can spawn a Learicorn using this cheat code. But this unit has only the 600 hit points that are considerebly low.
WE <3 FLUFFY!1!WE <3 FLUFFY!1! code helps you to spawn a Fluffy. Fluffy is a dog cheat unit.
WUV WOO VOL.2You can spawn Flying Purple Tapir unit using this cheat code. This is a very effective combat unit.
WEE OOH WEE OOHWEE OOH WEE OOH cheat code let you summon BigAndy monster truck unit. BigAndy mosnter truck has the ability to kill every hostile unit
DING DING DINGYou can spawn a monster ice cream truck using this cheat code. The Monster Ice Cream Truck can summon villagers, which act like standard villagers in the game and can kill most units simply by driving over them
MUSTARD RELISH AND BURNING OILYou can summon Flaming Hot Dog Cart with this cheat. it looks like a man in a hot dog costume pushing a hot dog stand with a blue and white striped umbrella.
TRADE PLZTRADE PLZ cheat code is used to get yourself 10,000 export points.
SHIVER ME TIMBERS!This cheat code helps you to destroy all the enemy boats on the game map.

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