Where Do You Get Food or Water – Rust

This guide will tell you where you can get the Food or Water in Rust. Go through the guide and follow the instructions to get yourself food and water.

When you explore the areas, you will need to find barrels and crates and find some special kinds of food crates near those carats. Also, you can find the food crates in the supermarkets as well, and when you open them, you can find a variety of food and water containers such as water bottles, water canisters etc., as shown in the image below. 

You can also drink the water from rivers; you have to sit still and then click on the drink option when it appears.

When you are on the sides of the rivers, you can find corn, pumpkin, potatoes, which you can eat and also you will find mushrooms inside forest areas, as shown in the image below. These mushrooms can heal you directly.  

When you find berries, it will fill your food meter, but these berries will not give you any health, so they are not very useful food to eat. You can also use weapons to kill animals and harvest their meat and cook it, you can also cook and eat human meat, but it will dehydrate you a lot.

You don’t have to worry about it when you start killing the animals and storing their meat as food. If you want to keep your food at a high level, then you will need to take the seeds from corn, pumpkin, potatoes and plant them in the ground near your base. You have to get planters because those will give you some regular food every day.

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