Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG that was released in 2019. The game gained instant attraction due to its optimized engine, stunning visuals, a detailed storyline and a Metroidvania-style gameplay.  

However, after putting so many hours into the game, things surely can start to feel repetitive at times. While the customization options and various game modes help to mitigate some of that, if you are a hardcore fan of the game, there is a good chance you have already used up all of these options several times.

Luckily for us, the game’s modding community is hard at work bringing continuous updates, bug fixes and feature enhancements. There are several cheat codes for the game that you can to spice things up. These cheat codes allow you to unlock hidden items and access features that are disabled  by default. You can get various weapons, accessories, character upgrades and a boatload of customization options that breathe a new life into the game. 

How to Enable Cheat Codes?

You can enable the cheats by changing the file names of your saved games. These cheat codes are case sensitive and only one cheat code works per save file. After you have successfully input a cheat code, a confirmatory sound lets you know that the code has been applied.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Cheats

AkumaThis cheat code is used to get the Dominus Weapon.
BIGHEADBig Head Mode.
8MEGAPOWERThis cheat code is used to get the sega power strip weapon.
NIGHTMAREThis code will unlock nightmare modes from the beginning.
DUNGEONITEThis cheat code is used to get the Dungeonite Sword Weapon.
JEPSONThis code will give you a clockwork blade weapon.
ALPHAOMEGASINThis cheat code is used to get the Darkness Descends weapon.
STEPHENPLAYSThis cheat code is used to get the Sicilian Slicer weapon.
SPONGYVINEThis cheat code is used to get the Vine Sword weapon.
TheSpeedGamersThis code will give you the Final Hour weapon.
EGGFARMUsed to get the Guardian Egg Helm Head.
INTHEBATHROOMThis cheat code is used to get the Dumpling Helmet Head.
chuggaaconroyThis cheat code is used to get the Space Helmet Head.
Jarvis MeowerYou will get Mega 64 Helmet Head.
AWESOMEVIDEOGAMESThis cheat code is used to get the “Big Moustache” accessory.
BULLFIGHTERThis cheat will give you “The Baz Mask” accessory.
TEAMFATThis cheat code is used to get the “A Kinda Funny Mask” accessory.
swimmingbirdThis cheat will give you the “Plague Doctor Face” accessory.
EgoraptorThis cheat code is used to get the “Hey I’m A Grump” accessory.
GrumpsThis code will give you an “I’m Not So Grump” accessory.

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