Tips & Tricks For Beginners To Be A Pro Strider in Dawn Of Zombies: Survival

In this brief guide, you will get to know 10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners To Be A Pro Strider in Dawn Of Zombies: Survival game.

Unlike other survival games, DOZ has a unique tier system, making DOZ utterly different from other survival games.

Tip 1: 5 Tier system

Tier 1: 1-31

Tier 2: 32-51

Tier 3: 52-71

Tier 4: 72-91

Tier 5: 92-111

Tier 5(phase II): 112-121

Enemies get stronger as you move upward through levels 10, 21, 32, 42, 52,62, 72, 82, 92, 102, and 112, and loot in crate changes with the level tiers.

Tip 2:

Do warehouse and besieged houses at early levels because you know early levels are always manageable.

Tip 3 :

Don’t save your weapons unless you are maxed out [112-121] because every tier has its weapons and gears. Like if you are in tier 2, you won’t get tier 5’s gears.

So use those and don’t store them for upper tiers. That is something good.

Tip 4 :

Tap the setting icon; you can get ID here, then tap interface and turn on all. That helps to watch your hunger level, wep switch button, durability level, target button.

You can switch the target switch button to switch targets.

And the wep selection button helps to find four wep from your inventory.

Tip 5:

In the worst situation like this, you can easily get rid of it by tapping the outside button on the screen.

Otherwise, you’ll die. But don’t worry. You can get your items from dead bodies.

But not every zone works like this; only in the sack sign locations will do. If you die in sack sign locations like shelter, warehouse, etc., a miniature like a shelter, warehouse, etc., a miniature of your items will appear on the global map.

But you have to collect your items as early as possible because if you die again without taking the items, you will lose all. And if you die in a sign with cross-sack locations like quiet groves, you will lose all too.

Tip 6:

Know about your skill maxed out the basics first.

Then on the loot tab, max rag. Connoisseur to get more rags in the territories. And use those for healing and doing other stuff like making sacks, sleeping bags, etc. you surely noticed that the energy system is different in DOZ compared to other survival games.

Tip 7:

Make a sleeping bag and wooden bed as fast as you can. It helps recover your health (by 60) and energy (by 3) every 6 seconds while you are in the shelter.

Tip 8:

Don’t exchange the bloody tears and tags when you are close to a new tier. Always exchange single tags with a double; you will get better items!

Now exchange the double tags with lewkowicz.

You’ll always get better items from double tags with a huge chest. So go for it. Let’s see what we get from the huge chest.

Tip 9:

Don’t delete your weapons, or armor. You can repair it once durability reaches very low. You can repair the weapons on the workbench.

Note: you can repair legendary weps at any workbench level.

Tip 10:

Last but not least, complete daily quests and get exciting rewards. Once you take tasks, the point will add here.

You can also activate a premium quest, which helps you to get more gold. Also, don’t forget daily challenges.

Bonus tip 1:

Tapping on the shooting icon, you can get free items by watching some ads.

Bonus tip 2:

You will get some really good items for completing easy events like an abandoned cabin, undertakers camp, and mysterious basement.

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