Age of wonders 3 was released in 2014 and has been ruling the hearts of fans ever since. The game features 4X based gameplay and a unique battle system. Additionally, the customization options and features like the map generator make the game stand out in a league of its own. However after playing the game for so many years, certain elements in the game have started to show their age. Also the game can be a little too difficult to master by some players which completely defeats the purpose of gaming in the first place. Well, in order to give the game a new coat of paint while gaining technical advantage over your fellow players, you can access Age of Wonders 3 cheat codes and console commands. Through cheat codes, you can access features like the ability to attain gold and mana, spawn heroes and other items, give happiness to a certain city and most importantly, win the game just by typing in a code. 

How to Enable Cheat Codes?

After launching the game, go to Miscellaneous and select “Run in debug Mode”. 

You can then press one of the following to open the dialogue box 

  • Ctrl + Alt + C  
  • Ctrl + Shift + C  

Once opened, type in your desired cheat code and press ENTER to execute it.

Age of Wonders 3 Cheats

NEXTTURNThis cheat is used to skip forward a turn.
TASMANThis code helps you to explore the map but it does not turn off the Fog of War.
CRUIJFFIt allows the free movement.
HUYGENSThis cheat code provides you with free spells.
GLOOMYCITYThis cheat is used to give a selected city 1000 happiness.
BOSCHThis code will give you 100.000 gold.
THXBRIANThis code is used to get 100.000 gold and mana, reveals map, all the upgrades and spells.
REMBRANDTThis cheat will give you 100.000 mana.
GERARDSThis will end the game instantly by losing.
PHILIPSThis cheat will result in instant production of the current queue in every city.
HEINThis cheat will end the game instantly by winning.
ERASMUSThis cheat code is used to instantly research all the upgrades or spells.
LEEUWENHOEKThis code will result in instantly researching current upgrades or spells.
HAUERThis cheat code is used to level up the heroes in the selected army.
BARENTZThis code will reveal maps including Fog of War.
RUYTERThis cheat code is used to spawn yourself a hero.
SPINOZAThis cheat is used to unlock all the upgrades or spells.
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