How To Install RAGEuphoria Mod in GTA 5?

RAGEuphoria is a combination of Red Dead Redemption and Euphoria. This guide will let you know how to install the RAGEuphoria in the GTA 5 game.

  • Open the link below and Download the RAGEuphoria.

  • Then open up the following link and Download the “No Parachute”.

  • Extract the both downloaded files.

  • Open the 35485f-NoParachute folder.

  • Copy the NoParachute.dll file and paste it in the scripts folder (Grand Theft Auto V directory).

  • Open the 85e206-RAGEuphoria_1.5_FINAL folder.

  • Select the “RAGEuphoria.piv” file, then drag and drop it on the Open IV (running) program.

  • Click on the Install.

  • Click on the “mods” folder” option.

  • And then click on Install.

  • Click on package installer on the option in OpenIV program and select this program.

  • Click on the Install.

  • Now you have to click on the (“mods” folder) option.

  • Then click on the Install.

  • Launch the game, explore and enjoy.

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