How to Catch People Camping on the Roof in Chapter 11 – Roblox Piggy

This guide will let you know how to catch the people camping on the roof in Chapter 11 – Outpost Roblox Piggy. 

It is a better method to kill people on the roof of the red room. It is because most of the time, the red door is not open due to infection. 

It is easy to get up there using this glitch; it also works if you are not piggy. These glitches only work with all the pigs (except memory) penny and the kitty skins.

To do this glitch, you have to go to this wall and dance clips on it.

After that, type /e dance2 in the chat and walk into the wall. 

Let go of any movement, then jump. When you land, open the chat and enter it to dance. At this part of the dance, you will need to zoom in. 

The dance loops, so you don’t have to zoom in the first time the dance does this. If you are on mobile, move the camera near your head, so you only need to zoom in a small bit. 

To move while stuck in the wall, zoom in and hold up left or right. 

If you want to move to the left, look to the right. And if you want to move to the right, look to the left (still holding upright).

Hold upright and move the camera slightly to the right to move left to start moving up.  

Once you are on the left side, you should start moving up. Once you see the roof, hold space and quickly move your camera to the left. 

When you reach high enough, you can move to the roof and kill the person camping there. If you could not kill him, he would probably fall. 

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