All Cuphead Hidden Coins On the Overworld

This guide will show you all Cuphead Hidden Coins on the Overworld. 

After you defeat the Cagney Carnation, you will need to go to the axeman and you will find the coin behind him.  

After beating Beppi’s boss, you have to go to the brown roof house and you’ll find the second coin there.

The third coin is in Isle 2 where a jugger will be mentioned for getting 4 perries in a row. So you have to defeat captain Brineybeard on Isle 3 when you come back to the jugger. After defeating him, you will get the coin.

The fourth coin is on Isle 2, you need to walk to the back of the mountain on the right side. Talk to the girl and she will give you the coin.

You’ll get the fifth coin behind the stall when you defeat captain Brineybeard in isle 3.  

The sixth coin can be found behind the dice in inkwell hell.

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