Trick to get Epic Skin in Big Sale Event – Mobile Legends

This guide will provide you with a trick to get the epic skin in the Big Sale Event and the upcoming new Free Skin event in Mobile Legends. 

Moonton gives away a free rare, epic skin in the big sale event. When you collect 50 points, you will have a chance to get an epic skin or 250 tickets.

The trick is that you have to wait till the last day of the event to gather as many points as possible. Don’t redeem as soon as you get 50 points, and people who redeem after getting 100+ points have got skins. 

So it seems like you have better chances when you get higher points. 

Good luck on getting a skin. Gratitude gifts event! (advanced server)  

This event is not yet available on the original server. In this event, you can get a guaranteed free skin/hero.

Here is the prize pool of this event; it may change when it gets released on a normal server. So here are the rules, it says epic skin is a must at the 9th draw. To get the drawing chances, you have to complete these tasks. 

You will get 3 free draws, and then you have to spend to get the remaining 6 draws. To get all 9 draws, you will need to buy a total of 5000 diamonds. 

Each draw will give you two options, and you can pick any 1 of them. You will get a guaranteed permanent skin at the 3rd draw. 

A permanent hero/ skin is a must at the 4th draw. After the 4th draw, it ensures skin only at the 8th (elite) and 9th draw (epic skin).

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