GTA Eclipse Roleplay Beginners Guide

In this guide, you will everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto Eclipse Roleplay.

1- The very first thing you will need to get is a driving license so that you can work without committing a crime. Once you get the license, you can start working at different freelance shops. But don’t forget to use the CDB transport, it is extremely helpful when you join the server and it is very cheap.

2- For the job, the server requires quite a bit of grind for money if you want to buy a house or a nice car or even to make investments that will also bring you a lot of money. You have to take your first job as a road worker, it is the best freelance job you can do because doing this you will be able to meet people and also you will have some funny moments.

3- You can also work at a burger shop, it is a fun job to do as you will get a lot of interactions with the people. You can make friends and have a lot of fun. But the pay is less than the road worker job and the job s also a bit hard.

4- If you want to chill, then you can do a job in a garbage shop. It has decent pay these three jobs are the top jobs which you should try.

5- The first purchase that you should make is a car and the car will help you move much faster in the city. You should buy a car from a low-end market if you have less than 50k.

6- Now you have to buy a house as you will need a place to live and to settle down the first time, you should go to a hotel. You will find a hotel in which you have to pay rent every week. It will also help you to store items. To start living in it, you have to contact the owner by using your phone. He will arrange a room for you if you make an agreement if there are no rooms you can contact the owner.

7- After getting a car and a house, you have to find a group where you can choose a pathway as it will totally depend upon you, and what you want to do in the city. You can choose to be a criminal or a legal citizen. You can make a group and do robberies. There are a lot of risks because the rival groups might don’t like you and they will attack you.

If you don’t want to deal with a lot of stress, a lot of crime, or big loss then you can become a legal citizen. But you have to become a criminal first.

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