War Tips & Tricks – Da Hood Roblox

This guide will provide you with the best tips & tricks for wars in Roblox Da Hood. 

Table of Contents

    Tip# 1 Holding Park   

    You can use trees and trash for jump shots and fences for angles. There is also a small mountain that you can use and use the taco side to beam people.   

    Tip# 2 Holding Gas 

    You have to use the map to your advantage; there is nothing much to say. 

    Tip# 3 Holding Church 

    You will need to use the map to your advantage. 

    Tip# 4 Mountain Glitch   

    It’s OP but make sure there is no “no roof” rule. 

    Tip# 5 Spray on Tree 

    Just spraying on a tree, you can’t shoot the player behind it. You have to make sure there is no “no sprays” rule. 

    Tip# 6 Barrel Fling 

    Op, players will be distracted and try to shoot you so your teammates can shoot them while they focus on you (also really OP if you got aim, easy to beam). 

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