Tap Titans 2: Advanced Guide, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Tap Titans 2 is the 2nd genre of the original game “Tap Titan” that has received a zealous response from gamers throughout the world. It has been released on Android and IOS platforms. We are going to give you a concise description of the game that is especially meant for those who haven’t played this game ever before.

The adventure kicks off from the point where the first version ended. The powerful and indestructible sword master is back to defend the world from the invasion of the extremely troubling and dangerous army of the “Titans”. Now what you will be doing is equipping the powerful sword master with all the latest weapons that are available to you. All the players will be dealing with 20 new items across ten different stages. You have the opportunity to induct new characters and provide them with loyal pets that can save you from the titans. Also, you can unlock skills to enhance their power and design them the way you like.

Well, those who have played the game must be aware of the fundamentals. This article is primarily meant for those who are unfamiliar with or possibly even heard of this game before. It will even help the experienced players who find it hard to deal with certain aspects of Tap Titans 2.

The basic guide for the amateurs

As the name suggests, the game revolves around tapping. You can kill the titans by just tapping on them and if you dislike tapping or can’t tap too fast, it can give you a hard time by impeding your progress. So, it’s advisable that you invest sufficient gold in your main hero (The Sword Master) but that’s just not enough. You have to give your level best in order to get to the highest level possible. Carry on until you reach a point where the progress begins to slow. That’s the right time for pressing the button and restarting your game from level 1. This will have an impact on your progression and it will become faster than your previous run. You have to continue doing this until you either you:

1) Reach the level of infinity

2) The game server shuts down

3) Or you die

Let’s scrutinize what has and what hasn’t changed in Tap Titans 2

The layout of the game is quite similar to its predecessor. You have the main character as your hero that stands in the center of the screen and this hero is also the major tapping damage source that inflicts severe damage on the enemy. Moreover, the characters on your sides (both left and right) contribute towards your DPS (Damage per second). Those players who find tapping hard will not be very comfortable during the early stages of the game. Want to know why? It is because the hero’s DPS is pretty deplorable in the beginning. So the only way to get through this hard situation is to tap with Fire Sword Active.

The general opinions reveal that the sequel is pretty much better than its predecessor. It gives you a greater opportunity to customize or level up your heroes and make them look as you please. Moreover, you must be told that the other characters that are far beyond your control won’t perform equally better. Put simply, the automatic characters will have an ordinary performance so your main focus must be on leveling up your major hero “sword master” by upgrading your hero (sword master) with plentiful Gold. It is important to tell you that you must focus more on upgrading your main hero which is the sword master. Make the best use of the remaining fingers along with the one you are using for tapping. The maximum number of fingers that you can use will mainly depend on the size of your device screen. So we suggest you thrust ruthless damage to your enemies. Well again, it all depends on how fast you can tap, tap and tap!

Most of the qualities are the same as its predecessor Tap Titan. In fact, all 5 qualities have just been recycled to make them functional in the game.

What is a fire sword?

Fire sword is just another name for Berserkers rage. Put simply, the Berserkers’ rage has been replaced by a fire sword in the latest version of the game (Tap Titans 2) and they basically perform the same function. Fire sword is the top skill that increases your tap damage by a fantastic 10 times and the 2nd upgrade of the fire sword that can be acquired in the advanced level increases your tap damage by 40 times.

Hand of Midas

This is another incredible skill that gives you abundant gold when you activate it on the boss or a chest resan. It’s strongly recommended that you should make the best use of it when the wall becomes exceedingly tough to break.

That’s all about skills

5 Best abilities in Tap Titans 2

1) Heavenly Strike

2) Critical Strike

3) Hand of Midas

4) War Cry

5) Shadow Clone


What does prestige mean?

Prestige is basically a noun but in the world of games, it is frequently used as a verb. It’s a phenomenon in which you reset your game and lose most of the items that you have collected throughout your journey.

When to prestige for the very 1st time?

The simple answer to this question is that you should go for the prestige after you have finished 100 levels. It can be done at any time after level 100 (105 or 106 so on and so forth).

Different Artifacts in the Game

Infinity pendulum

This thing actually decreases the mono cost heavy strike which is truly a worthless skill.


Salvage is a feature that enables you to refund the artifact for another. This comes with the cost of 52 diamonds. But it should be informed that this cost increases with the number of artifacts you currently possess.

How to earn maximum gold?

Earning sufficient gold is a very crucial part of the game. You will have to bring some changes to your gadget setting (mobile or tablet). The second thing is to turn off the screen saver that usually appears when you are performing no activity. Don’t turn off the game while you do this. Make sure that your phone is fully charged and doesn’t run out of battery. Quick boss battles afterward and let your automatic heroes deal with the boss’s minions. In this way, you can amass gold to a maximum level.

How to upgrade weapons?

Weapon up gradation is directly related to your hero’s DPS (Damage per second). If you somehow manage to upgrade the assorted weapons that you have, you can get a huge DPS multiplier for all your squad!

Benefits of playing tournament mode

One of the advantages that you will derive by playing tournament level is that you can get to prestige before reaching level 600.

Upgrade your artifacts instead of buying new ones

You will get to a certain point in the game when you will have to choose between buying new relics/artifacts or upgrading the existing ones. Upgrade your artifacts in order to give your characters enhanced damage either active or passive.

Are automatic heroes strong?

Automatic heroes are usually weak but they can prove really handy when you are not into the game. For instance, you have gone to sleep or you are engrossed in something more important. These offline heroes can help you in a couple of ways:

1) They can help you earn tons of gold

2) They come with a DPS (damage per second) multiplier in the 10th level.

3) Additionally, your heroes will acquire some passive skills that are sometimes more important than active skills.

So, your heroes must be fully equipped in order o derive maximum benefit!

How to get offline pet earnings

The game can give you pets when you are in offline mode. It is quite similar to earning gold but this time you will get a free pet. It’s just fine even if you get a duplicate.

Cheat that is forbidden

If you have played Tap Titan, you will remember the cheat that allowed you to skip time and earn tons of gold in no time. But things are different in the successor of Tap Titan. The game developers are keeping a check and they won’t let you skip time in order to end your wait. You may even get suspended just because you are trying to skip time. So be cautious!

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