The leveling up guide describes different ways of leveling up or upgrading your officers without taking much time. Leveling up can have a great positive impact on the overall statistics of the characters that can make them more powerful and destructive. We will be letting you know all that is required to unlock various characters in the game. Let’s check that out!

First of all, we will be telling you to unlock the stage.

First step of unlocking the stage is by selecting a kingdom. Once you have chosen the kingdom, you have to select the stage Battle of Baidi Castle which is the last mission on the hypothetical route.

What to do if you have got insufficient stars?

In case you haven’t got all the stars for unlocking the hypothetical route, you will have to follow the star guide.

Find a character

It is highly suggestible for the beginners to come up with a low level character.

Let’s go with Jane Fayette at level 16.

Now you need to equip your character with a brutal weapon that has an extraordinary attacking speed. This will help you level up at a rapid pace. Let’s get the character a Crushing Blade and let the secondary weapon be Dancing Peng.

How to select skills?

It would be wise to go with a quick learner with an additional XP. That will expedite the process of leveling up.

Choosing the right animal?

Choosing Red Hare will help you level up faster by covering long distance in short time period.

It’s the time to start the battle once you have chosen your animal! Now, you’ll have to board ship and fight off your foes in order to complete the beginning missions and progress further in the game.

While you move ahead by defeating your enemies, you will encounter a ballista that will make your survival hard. At times the ballista will get weird and will start shooting random items in order to inflict harm on you. Once you get off the ship, get on your horse again and start heading towards your destination. Zhang Fei (the main character) is a slow runner and it’s highly suggestible that you take a horse to cut short the distance. On your way, you will encounter some generals (Guan Yu, Jang Fei, Jung yong) and you can’t go any further without defeating them. Once you have conquered your opponents, get back on the horse and start moving forward. After travelling a short distance, you will confront another general (Yu Yang). Beat the general (Yu yang) and “feet of juggernaut”. Here you will encounter multiple enemies and you will have to switch to your fastest attacking weapon to get rid of them. So, keep attacking the juggernaut until it demolishes into pieces. That’s the time when you can level up!

I hope I have got my point across!

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