The Classes

There are 6 major classes in this game.

The Occultist is basically a DPS character that acts as a healer in most parts of the game.

The Spirit Shaper is also a healer but has the capability of inflicting little DPS.

The Blade Master is a bit of DPS and can also act as a tank when necessary. His different stances make him really special.

The Gunslinger is another class with DPS and probably the best class with DPS.

Swordmage is another DPS class that efficiently uses the stunts to defend himself from his enemies.

Finally, we have the Vanguard (also known as tank)

His grapple effect allows him to draw his enemies closer.

Merchants and Currency

It’s vital to discuss about merchants and currency before we go ahead.

There are several kinds of currency in the game that you can obtain by questing and fulfilling some other tasks. This currency is essential for trading with the players. Also it allows you to buy any commodity from the merchants, in case you don’t have enough jiff notes. Jiff notes are mainly used to buy items from the merchants and help you unlock various functions. They can be obtained from dailies and quests. There is another kind of points called Oz Give points that are only used with a special lender. Such points can gathered from Demon Slayer and PvP weekly rank up chests and from leveling rewards. The 3rd kinds of points are Orem that can be accumulated from real world money and can be found in the cash shop.

There are some lenders that give you currency during the quests so that you can buy their items. As the game progresses, you will be given a quest to help a lower rank player through a dungeon and you can do that by purchasing the items that he is selling. The items you have just purchased can be good for crafting and some other activities. Now, it is important to inform you that these quests can be done 2 or 3 times a day or thrice in a week. There is no certainty about that. There are myriad numbers of mountains that you can get and there are different ways to get them. They can be obtained by certain merchants, lucky drops or you can craft them first off. The choice rests with you. Also you can craft your gear and get the best armor for self-defense and not only that you can also craft mountains and wings. It is not an onerous task but it can be exceedingly time consuming. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the game revolves around crafting.

Crafting consist of 5 main professions.


There is alchemy that can be used to craft potions (technique of healing through magic) such as Mena Exp buffs so on and do forth.

Wood Working

This technique enables you to craft wood items which are primarily used for guild base defense.

Black Smithing

It put you in the position to craft ingots equipment and things alike.


Tailoring allows you to craft bags and feathers


The f5th and final technique is cooking that which is actually used for HP and MP recovery and buffs.

The sole purpose of using these 5 professions is to purchase different kind of items for other professions.

Secondary Professions

Secondary professions include fishing and treasure hunting. The final profession also called core profession is “accumulating”. You can level up your profession and architect it according to your own likings. This can only be done through the skill tree.

What is leveling?

The speediest way to level up in this game is through the main story line. Unfortunately, you are unable to group up with your friends as it is extremely low. You can easily level up in the beginning but once you reach level 30, you will experience that the games become quite slower after reaching up to that level. Then there are level quests that are found in the NCP’S or your path to the tracking area. One of the significant quests is the orange quests that teach you about the fundamentals of the game and enable you to explore several other features. Additionally, purple quests have the same function of teaching you about the game basis and at time giving you good rewards. For instance, one of the purple quests allows you to have extra inventory space. The next quests are green quests that. These quests are mainly side quests and they allow you to get faster intimacy.

It’s imperative to do your dailies and dungeons and don’t forget to remember that you have to stop at the hot spring to pop your pots in order to enhance your experience in the brief period of time. Finally there is another way to level known as PVP which allows you to level faster and pays you currency to buy random stuff in the game.

Here is another important point that you also get paid with dailies and some other quests and certain jobs that you perform with the stones. These stones are ascension stones and if you, somehow, manage to get 25 you can make the best use of them in order to inflate your XP. So do your level best to get them as it makes leveling a much easier task.

What is Marriage System?

In order to get married in the game, the 2 persons must be present in the same group and they need to have an intimacy 30,000, 50,000 or 300,000 coins which will entirely depend on the tier of your choice. On fulfilling these requirements, you can move ahead to one of the many MP’S on the map with the heart icon above their name in order to get married. This will enable you to get a title with your spouse’s name. As far as I know, cosmetic is the only difference between the two tiers.

Some other Benefits to get married

Marriage can help you unlock cook skills that will help you cook food for your partner, bringing them back to life after a combat. Furthermore, you can call for your partner for three times in a day. Gaining intimacy with your partner can be done by accomplishing some of the quests. The green quests can help you ruin the monsters, dueling or going through the hot springs together. You need to have a total of 150,000 Jiff Notes for guilds and if you are not able to reach to a certain point of the players in the game, the association between you and your partner will break up on the first day. Also you can strengthen your guild by participating in different guild events, skill challenges or battle with other guilds and through some other ways. Your fellowship can then claim some of the castles or other areas in the world.

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