Warcraft 3 Cheat Codes

Warcraft III was originally released in 2003 and it has managed to compete with the best of the best ever since. To this day, Warcraft III stands in a league of its own when it comes to real-time strategy games. And as we all know, that is one of the hardest genre of games to exist. We are almost two decades into this game and it still manages to stump you every once in a while. One way to counter this is via cheat codes and console commands. Not only do they unlock various features not available by default, they also give you certain abilities and skills that you just cant get otherwise. Another reason for using cheat codes is the vast amount of customizability options you are able to access. Granted the game certainly hasn’t lost its charm when it comes to gameplay, there are certain aspects of the game that definitely could use some spicing up. But most importantly,  you don’t really need a reason to enjoy features like disabling victory conditions, getting an instant victory and the ability to keep playing even after death because they are just that awesome.

How to Enable Cheat Codes?

Once in the game, hit ENTER to bring the chat popup. Type in your desired cheat code and press ENTER again and watchout for the Cheat Enabled message.  

One thing to note is that these cheat codes only work in single player mode and in custom maps.

Warcraft 3 cheats

WhosyourdaddyThis cheat code will give you invincibility and One-Hit kills.
ThereisnospoonThis cheat code will give you infinite mana.
StrengthandhonorContinue Playing After Death in Campaign Mode
Iseedeadpeoplehis code will let you to view the full game map.
AllyourbasearebelongtousThis cheat code will give you instant victory.
SomebodysetusupthebombThis cheat code will give you defeat instantly.
IhavethepowerYou will get level 10 allied units with the help of this code.
ThedudeabidesThis cheat code will reduce the spell cool down.
ItvexesmeThis cheat code is used to disable the victory conditions.
keysersoze [number]This cheat code is used to add gold.
leafittome [number]This cheat code is used to add Lumber.
greedisgood [number]This code is used to add gold and lumber.
WarptenThis code will fasten the construction rate.
IocainepowderThis code will enable the fast death.
PointbreakUnits do not need farms after you use this code.
WhoisjohngaltThis code will fasten the research rate.
SharpandshinyThis cheat code will upgrade the research.
SynergyThis code will turn off the Tech Tree.
RiseandshineYou can set the time to morning with the help of this code.
LightsoutThis cheat code is used to set the time to evening.
daylightsavings [hour]This code helps you to set Time of Day.
DaylightsavingsToggle Between day and night.
AbrakadabraThis cheat code will make the trees disappear.
motherland [race] [level]This code lets you to select the level.
SamelevelThis code is used to increase the heroes levels to equal the highest enemy hero level.
OnehundredplusThis code will increase night elves build speed.
TenthleveltaurenchieftainThis code is used to unlock the Song "Power of the Horde" .
=This will automatically re-enter the last cheat code.

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