Revelation Online: Best Classes to Play

The prime objective of this article is to help you guys decide, which class to choose in the Revelation Online by depicting their skills, explaining its role in the Trinity system and how these characters work.

Let me inform you that this game is not gender locked and which character to choose rests solely with you.

Let’s now discuss about the classes in Revelation Online


First things first, Vanguard is the major tank in this game. So, if you are fond of playing with tanks, then vanguard will be a jackpot for you! He usually blows away his enemies by using insanely powerful “charge stabbed attacks” or following up on combo with remarkable statistics. This strong character has a solid defense that enables him to alleviate damage and become more aggressive as he is always inclined towards violent behavior. Moreover, vanguard has certain skills that can only be used in a defensive stance. There are numerous other games based on tank models but this game is far better than all of them. This incredible character also has a shield stance that enables him to consolidate his defense.

Vanguards Special Attacks

For basic attacks, he has got Strike. He swiftly swings his weapon to blow away his rivals. However, he uses these strikes to inflict little damage to his foes.

Additionally, he has got Secondary Basic Attack which also does little damage but it is very helpful in dealing with multiple enemies.

Then there is Meat Grinder that wipes out all the enemies that come in its way. It enables him to stab his enemies in a super-fast speed and do some decent damage.

Earth Shadow is one of his many attacks that cause some decent damage and puts AoE cracks in the ground that will keep on damaging the enemy.

Leap allows this insane character to accost his enemies and tear them apart.

Stance swap helps him to switch in and out of your shield mode. This attack makes his shield to appear bigger and enhances his physical power. However, this reduces his movement speed. Also it increases his threat generation by 50%.

Death Grip enables Vanguard to pull his enemies toward him. That’s really a fatal blow!

Still Blood makes a rebuff applicable on him for 10 minutes which enhances his utmost health by 3200. Furthermore, this attack aids him to increase his healing capacity by 20% during the duration of this buff. Additionally, it also boosts the health of your allies. All these attacks inflict great damage on the foes.

Ascension break provides immunity to him for a period as short as 3 seconds.

Holy shield is there to strengthen his defense. Also, it absorbs 5832 damage for 3 seconds. This shield explodes when the time runs out. On exploding, it causes damage to all the enemies that are standing close to him. Activation of this shield restricts your ability and disallows you to use any other attack.

Rage applies a buff on Vanguard that stays there for 5 seconds. Also it increases his attack power and defense by 20 %

Legendary abilities

His legendary abilities include Shell Throw which he launches to pose threat to his rivals. Also if it is used on a rival with a HP below 10, the damage inflicted will be doubled.

Then there is a Tycoon mode that transforms him into a bey-blade. This makes his moving speed incredibly high and reduces enemy moving speed to a considerable extent.

Thousand Risk does massive damage and gives him immunity against CC for 3 seconds. Also it knocks down every enemy that lies in his reach.

Then there is Judgment that draws the enemy closer to vanguard and stuns them for a short time of 3 seconds.

Courage breaks all the CC on him and increases his and his allies physical and magical ability for 5 seconds.


Van guard uses two weapons for his self –defense. His primary weapon is Glade and as a secondary weapon he makes use of the giant shield.


Basic attacks

Occultist basic attacks include Soul Smite and Soul Burst.

Smite plays an important function in vitiating the magic damage in the dark mode and it provides small heel to your companions in light mode.

Soul Burst is more effective and stronger than Soul Smite. It causes a ton of damage in the dark mode and that’s not just it, it also explodes after 3 seconds that applies greater damage on the enemies. Additionally, it applies a de-buff for three seconds. In the light mode, it again explodes and causes some serious damage to the enemies and also heals the damage that has been inflicted on her and her allies. Put simply, it helps them recover speedily.

Soul Fears

In the Dark Mode it gives out 5 circles that also do great damage to the opponents.

In the Light Mode the sphere will play the role of a shield to protect her allies from the enemy forces and absorb 2280 damage for 5 seconds.

Soul Well

An AOE of five seconds is created by the soul well for 5 seconds in the Light Mode. Also, it helps to heal all those allies who fall in the sphere of its influence. In the Dark Mode it casts magical spells that ruin all the enemies that fall in its radius.

Soul Betrayal

Now Soul Betrayal transforms your area in to a golf field. In the Dark Mode you are given the option to tap with the skill once more. This makes the center of the field to explode causing severe damage within the 5 meter radius.

Enslave Soul

Enslave soul calls for the soul to wrap the target and continuous use of this skill in the dark mode will cause some serious damage to the enemies close to her.

In the Light Mode is capable of healing massive damage to the allies and on exploding, it will heal the allies nearby.

Legendary Abilities

Occultist legendary abilities are different than that of Vanguard.

Shadow Grip calls for Klaus from underneath the ground to attack the enemies

Shadows Offspring calls dragons to rise up and give the enemies a real licking!

Death Incarnate transforms Occultist into a giant and gives him some special skills to tear the enemies into pieces.

For her healing skills there is Talisman that strengthens the bond prevalent between Occultist and her allies. It makes them all damage resistant and also pacifies her and his allies.

Life skill turns her into an angel and provides Occultist with new set of skills that enable her to heal her enemies.


The Occultist uses Sight Sport as his primary weapon and a kind of Side Jewel as her secondary weapon

Blade Master


Blade Master is a classic character that focuses mainly on physical damage. He is adept in Knock Downs, Powerful Combos and Stacking Buffs and de buffs. His attacks are brutal and the enemies find them impossible to resist. Blade Master and Vanguard have certain similarities, but Blade master lacks a protective shield and aggressive temperament. These are couple of major differences between the two. However, you can sometimes use Blade Master as a tank that will help you enhance your defensive skills.

Basic Attacks

His main attack is Wind cutter which doesn’t inflict much damage on the opponents. His more strong attack is Combo that is extremely destructive. His combo has 7 hits and the final hit inflicts greatest damage than any other hit. This, in turn, smashes all the enemies nearby.

For Basic Damaging Skills he possesses Albatron. This skill is highly damaging and helps him to transform into a bey blade.

It also has a Buff that enables him to defend himself from the enemies for 10 seconds. Then there is Energy Wave that sends waves in every direction, making the rivals absolutely helpless. It causes serious damage and provides an opportunity for de buff that decreases the strength of the enemies for 5 seconds.

Blade Master also makes use of his blade like a Ninja that tears his enemies into pieces. It also puts a de buff on the enemies that reduces the enemies’ defense.

Power Slap is the strongest and most destructive of all the attacks. This attack kills all the rivals that lie within the range of that spell.

Boomerang is very swift attack that throws blades at the enemies. Moreover, there is a Spinning Animation that creates a lot of damage.

He carries a blade and a sword that he adeptly uses to inflict tons of damage to the enemies.

Adrenaline decreases his HP by 21 and provides immunity to all damage for a short time of 5 seconds.

Dodge is another special skill that the Master uses when he is surrounded by enemies and has slim chances to escape.

Legendary Abilities

Blade Master has an ability called New Moon which does some serious damage to the opponents. This skill is so strong that enemies have no other option, but to capitulate.

Feather Cutter is as effective as the other attacks and causes severe damage, increases his strength and terminates the rival’s flight.

Then there is Super Sonic Assault that sends the blade master in the air and he can use his blade to kill the enemies nearby. Also it gives him immunity and stuns the enemy.

Hurricane creates a tornado that attracts the enemy towards the master and decreases their agility.

Gravitation kills all the enemies that are present in the sphere of influence. However, it decreases your defense but increases your attack power.


His main weapons are the Dual Blades and a Sword that he uses as a secondary weapon.

Gun Slinger

Gun slinger is a class that makes use of 2 pistols, a sniper gun, traps, mechanical battle pads and giant mechs. The Gunslinger is a ranged and DPS class and like Occultist, Gun Slinger has splendid agility. This ability of theirs makes them the most wanted classes in the game. This class uses her dual pistol to shoot out his adversaries. The use of sniper gives her crib bonuses and a couple of other effects like hitting the targets with better precision. The sniper usage has a drawback too. In sniper stance your movement becomes exceedingly slow and it gets hard for Gun Slinger to deceive his adversaries. Additionally, this wonderful class has got mechanical pets to wipe out his opponents.

Basic attacks

He has a shot as his basic attack that causes minor damage to the opponents. One great quality that is possesses is the ability to use his sniper rifle to shoot out enemies that fall within the range of 20 meters. Unlike shot attack, the Sniper inflicts greater damage leaving the enemies dead.

Bang Bang

This is Gunslinger’s second basic attack the cause the greatest of damage (greater than shot and sniper).

Then there is Shot Grenade that also inflicts much damage and knocks the enemy down for a short time of 3 seconds.

Moreover, she has a charged attack that does good damage and the Rapid Fire that shoots the enemies for 2.5 seconds.

Additionally he throws Spiral Blades that causes damage for 5 seconds, help you move back 10 meters. This move works best when the enemy is standing pretty close to the Gunslinger, and lessens enemy’s movement speed.

Sniper Stance is actually the ability to switch from pistol mode to sniper rifle. Vigor applies a buff for 10 seconds.

Legendary Abilities

Mark of death puts a mark on the enemy for 5 seconds which causes additional 1600 damage to the enemy.

Flurry sends on a turret that shoots all the enemies that lie within its range. Like Vanguard, Gun Slinger also has a spam skill that he uses adeptly to kill his opponents.

The most extraordinary ability that Gun Slinger possesses is Destructions that launches rockets and inflicts tons of damage for 5 seconds. This move also causes the enemy to slow down for 5 seconds.

This class also sends steel blades that emanate from the ground and cuts down the enemy’s throat.

Cage ability creates a cage around a target, thus restricting the target’s movement. This ability can be very infuriating for your allies as it confines them within the cage along with the enemy and makes them sessile.


As the name suggests, Gun Slinger uses a dual pistol as her prime weapon and a hand cannon as her secondary weapon. The sniper rifle is an additional bonus that she uses when necessary.

Sword Mage

This class uses a sword which is quite effective when the enemies stand close to her. What makes Sword Mage extremely special is her use of elements which can be switched like fire, ice and lightning on the go. You can use any element depending on your choice and it, in turn, will affect some of the abilities, like using fire mean causing more damage, using ice means more CC’s and using light usually means shoot damage. She utilizes her different abilities and elemental powers in different situations of the game.

Basic attacks

Sword Mage basic attacks include cloud and meteor. Both of these attacks inflict tons of damage on the rivals. Using fire helps the swordMage to decrease her enemy’s magic defense. Using lightning helps her to inflict massive damage to the foes. Furthermore, this class has great compatibility with water that freezes the opponent’s and consequently restricts their movement speed.

Similarly one of his attacks ice enables him to cause massive damage to the opponents.

Meteor is one of her other basic attacks that causes tons of damage by burning the enemy for a few seconds.

This class is in complete harmony with the elements that it possesses and makes use of them whenever required.

Lightning basically reduces enemy’s’ physical attack and locks the enemies. It also locks them from using deceptive skills that can be quite deleterious to Swordmage health.

Ice also plays its function and freezes the enemy for 5 seconds. Her lightning attack sends down a flash of lightening that reduce the foes to ashes.

Falling Sword help this creature to escape many attacks and keep its face between the enemies. It also sends down huge sword that lasts for 10 seconds causing severe damage. The enemies that lie in the radius bear more damage than the ones who are out of it.

Legendary attacks

His legendary attack includes punishment, Sword Dance, Blade Fan, Star Edge, Sky Fire and Void


Her primary weapon is a Magic Sword and secondary weapon is Magic Orb.

Spirit Shaper

Spirit Shaper

Spirit Shaper is a healing class which will heal a large number of her allies as the game progresses. Also she has the ability of resurrecting companions. Simply put she can bring her allies back to life after being destroyed.

This class is unique in its attributes. It can turn into fox and other animals like snake, deer, and dolphin to cause damage to the enemies. These qualities distinguish her from the other classes.

Basic Damaging skills

Soul Might doesn’t cause much damage but it can be spammed.

Glow Worm applies a de buff to the enemy for 6 seconds and casts magical spells every 2 seconds.

Blue Bird tosses a bird at the enemy that strikes the enemy very hard inflicting immense damage to them.

Sanctification turns the class into a fox and gives you immunity over various attacks.

Then there is Charm that stuns all rivals within the 5 meter radius for 30 seconds. Also it has got one of the moves called Impulse which causes tons of damage in a short time period of 3 seconds.

Exit ability will help you come back to your original human form.

Healing abilities

Natures touch improves the HP of all the allies within 5 meter radius.

Green sprout allows the Spirit Shaper to restore health that boosts her morale.

Autumn do will restore the health of allies every second for 3 seconds.

Armor provides a shield to the class that helps her absorb damage.

Legendary Skills

Dear Rim helps Spirit shaper to send a deer that charges the enemies and it also protects you from half of the damage from your enemies.

Snake Embrace coils around the enemy and stuns them for 6 seconds

Rampant Hawk sends hawk that sticks to the enemies and causes damage to all the enemies that come in her way.

Beacon helps spirit shapers to restore her health and that of her allies.


She use Bill as her primary and Digimon as her off hand weapon.

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