Yu Gi Oh: Duel Links How to Unlock Every Character

Now the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links is out and most of you would surely be desperate to know about how to unlock their favorite characters. Well this guide will enable you to unlock all your favorite characters and then you can have a fabulous time by playing with them.

Rumors have it that players will have access to either Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba at the beginning of the adventure. With your ranks up and greater number of victories under your belt, you can choose more duelists as characters. However, you need to exert strenuous efforts and meet certain requirements in order to unlock the legendary duelists. Players will be provided with specially designed task list that they will have to accomplish before unlocking the most powerful duelists characters. It must be noted that difficulty for unlocking different characters vary. Some may want you to reach a particular stage while other may call for meeting more strict demands. Don’t you worry; we will help you explore all the ways to unlock your favorite characters!

Joey Wheeler

The easiest character to unlock is Joey Wheeler. All that is required from you is the completion of stage 3 and a victory against Joey in Duel World level 1.if you meet both these requirements, Joey Wheeler will become accessible to you!

Tea Gardner

Tea Gardener can be unlocked in 3 ways:

1) Using spell or trap cards for at least 5 times

2) Defeating Tea in a duel

3) Completing all character unlock missions

Mako Tsunami

Mako can be accessed or unlocked after 150 successful tribute summons.

All the things you have to do in order to unlock Mako:

1) You are required to use skills in the duel world mode for at least 20 times

2) Do 6 summons in one duel

3) Defeat Mako in level 30 of duel world

4) Must finish all character unlock missions


Using your trap cards for at least 300 times can unlock Odion for you. You will have to use one of these trap cards for at least 10 times in the single duel, defeat Odion in level 30 of the duel world and complete all the character unlock missions.

Weevil Underwood

Weevil can be unlocked by completing 100 duels against the conventional characters. Utilizing spell cards for at least 30 times in one duel, finishing all missions to unlock different characters and wining against Weevil Underwood in level 30 of the duel world will unlock Underwood.

Rex Raptor

First thing is to reach stage 20 of the game in order to unlock Rex. Secondly, all the players will have to gain 2,000 effect damage points in a single duel. Completing all the character unlock missions and defeating Rex Raptor in duel world level 30 will unlock Rex Raptor for you.

Ishizu Ishtar

Unlocking Ishizu to make her playable is no different than others. You will have to present 200 light-attribute monsters, defeat her while you still have 6,000 life points in your pocket; win against her in level 30 duel worlds and completing all character unlock missions.

Bandit Keith

You will have to beat 50 legendary duelists in order to unlock Keith. Furthermore, you will be required to gather a couple of machine-type cards, defeat him in a level 30 duel world and complete all the character unlock missions. Doing all this will give you Bandit Keith.

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