Gwent the Witcher Card Game Tier List

Gwent the Witcher is a collectible card game which was released in the year 2019. The popular heroes of the Witcher world are there in the game. There will be a deck in the game and the cards are placed on this deck. Both the players have also got some cards and they have to place them on the board one by one. The game is based on three rounds.

The player who wins two of the three rounds will win the game. The player who loses all his cards during the round will be considered as the loser and the player with more points will win the particular round. The player will be rewarded with card packs on winning the match which will make their deck much stronger and he will be able to win more matches. You have to kill the opponent using the cards.

Gwent the Witcher game gives you the option to play seasons and earn great rewards. You can play Gwent the Witcher on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation as well as on mobile phone. To play the game on a mobile phone, you can download it from the Google play store or App store for free.

The characters of the Gwent the Witcher game are categorized only in one group.

The most highlighted characters in the game are Jorund,Lambert, Leo Bonhart and Shani. Jorund has the ability to steal a card from the opponent’s board. Lambert is so annoying that an enemy card simply walks off. Leo Bonhart eliminates the hero cards. Shani has the power to bring two cards back to life.

CharacterFactionSpecial Power
JorundSkelligeCan steal a card from the opponent’s board
LambertNeutralSo annoying that an enemy card simply walks off
Leo BonhartNeutralEliminates hero cards
ShaniNeutralCan bring two cards back to life
The Bloody BaronNorthern RealmsScares an enemy card away
UmaNeutralCan be used to trap an enemy card and reduce attack points
VilgefortzNeutralHero card with 20 attack points
Vysogota of CorvoNorthern RealmsCan bring back hero cards

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