Alchemist Code Tier List

Alchemist code is a role playing game. There are 50 characters in the game. Different types of costumes are available for the characters and you may unlock some after winning the game.

Alchemist code is a 3D game which is very popular among the role playing game lovers because of it’s high quality graphics and ultimate voice effects. Alchemist code is a turn by turn battle based game, you will be given a turn to attack your enemy. Up To four players can play this game in multiplayer mode. You can play with your friends and climb up the score radar.

We have categorized the characters into three groups.

The main characters in Group S are Aisha and Anastasia. They both are female characters.
The skills of Aisha are “Light of Dawn’s Heartbeat” and Anastasia’s is “Twilight’s Trance”.
Some of the main characters in Group A are Caris and Celina, both females. Their skills are “Marksman’s Boon” and “Cyptic Trance” respectively.

The top heroes in Group B are Arkil (Swordsman’s fervor ) and Almira (Marksman’s fervor). Arkil is male and Alkira is a female.

Tier List:

SAisha, Anastasia, Balt, Bertha, Daisy, Dark Mira, Deneb, Don Taras, Gormalas, Hugo Klima, Laila Liu, Shen Lupinus, Margaret, Nefertiti, Neica, Othima, Reido, Sharon, Tsukuyomi, Vivi, Zwei
ACaris, Celine, Chihaya, Chiruu, Freed, Hazuki, Lamia, Lisbeth, Lofia, Lucian, Megistos, Mia, Mianne, Rahu, Sabareta, Scherazade, Silga, Strie, Suiran, Thillie, Tina, Vincent, Zangetsu
BAlmira, Alyu, Amis, Annerose, Arkil, Blanchett, Celliers, D’ Artagnan, Devel, Edgar, Elaine, Elrike, Ennis, Fayrene, Jake, Kanon, Kazahaya, Kuon, Leon, Michael, Mizuchi, Patty, Peridot, Rebecca, Richie, Strauss, Vanekis, Yuan, Yuto, Zeke

Tier S

AishaLight Of Dawn’s HeatbeatHuman, Female
AnastasiaTwilight’s TranceHuman, Female
BaltFresh Wind’s BoonHuman, Male
BerthaTwilight’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
DaisyRaging Fire’s HeatbeatHuman, Female
Dark MiraPure Water’s HeartbeatHuman, Female, Dark
DenebThunderer’s TranceHuman, Female
Don TarasRaging Fire’s HeatbeatHuman, Male
GormalasTwilight’s WorshipHuman, Male
HugoLight Of Dawn’s HeatbeatHuman, Male
KlimaPure Water’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
LailaThunderer’s TranceHuman, Female
Liu ShenRaging Fire’s HeatbeatHuman, Male
LupinusRaging Fire’s HeatbeatHuman, Female
MargaretLight Of Dawn’s HeatbeatHuman, Female
NefertitiFresh Wind’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
NeicaLight Of Dawn’s HeatbeatHuman, Female
OthimaPure Water’s HeartbeatHuman, Male
ReidoTwilight’s HeartbeatHuman, Male
SharonThunderer’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
TsukuyomiTwilight’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
ViviRaging Fire’s HeatbeatHuman, Female
ZweiFresh Wind’s HeartbeatHuman, Female, Templar

Tier A

CarisMarksman’s BoonHuman, Female
CelineCyptic TranceHuman, Female
ChihayaCryptic RevelationHuman, Female
ChiruuPure Water’s BreathHuman, Female
FreedStabber’s BoonHuman, Male
HazukiFresh Wind’s BoonHuman, Female
LamiaStabber’s BoonHuman, Female
LisbethPure Water’s BoonHuman, Female
LofiaCryptic RevelationHuman, Female
LucianSmasher’s BoonHuman, Female
MegistosMarksman’s BoonHuman, Male
MiaSorcerer’s BoonHuman, Female
MianneCryptic GuardianHuman, Female
RahuCryptic SenseHuman, Female
SabaretaWrath’s TranceHuman, Female
ScherazadeFreshWind’s TranceHuman, Female
SilgaSwordsman’s BoonHuman, Male
StrieSwordsman’s BoonHuman, Female
SuiranFresh Wind’s BoonHuman, Female
ThillieFresh Wind’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
TinaCryptic PulseHuman, Female
VincentThunderer’s HeartbeatHuman, Male
ZangetsuStabber’s BoonHuman, Male

Tier B

AlmiraMarksman’s FervorHuman, Female
AlyuCryptic FavorHuman, Female
AmisCryptic VisionHuman, Female
AnneroseCryptic FervorHuman, Female
ArkilSwordsman’s FervorHuman, Male
BlanchettWrath’s BoonHuman, Female
CelliersLust’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
D’ ArtagnanEnvy’s TranceHuman, Female
DevelCryptic Blind Res Lv1Human, Female
EdgarThunderer’s BoonHuman, Male
ElaineMarksman’s FervorHuman, Female
ElrikeEnvy’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
EnnisCryptic ForesightHuman, Female
FayreneFresh Wind’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
JakeCryptic Silence Res Lv1Human, Male
KanonEnvy’s BoonHuman, Female
KazahayaSmasher’s FervorHuman, Female
KuonCryptic FervorHuman, Female
LeonSorcerer’s FervorHuman, Male
MichaelSorcerer’s FervorHuman, Male
MizuchiSwordsman’s FervorHuman, Male
PattyCryptic ForesightHuman, Male
PeridotPrairie’s BoonHuman, Female
RebeccaLust’s HeartbeatHuman, Female
RichieMarksman’s FervorHuman, Male
StraussMarksman’s FervorHuman, Male
VanekisSorcerer’s FervorHuman, Female
YuanCyptic ForesightHuman, Male
YutoRaging Fire’s OrbHuman, Male
ZekeEnvy’s TranceHuman, Male


Aisha is a young human female character who comes with the element of light. With her Prism Flower skill, Aisha fires four light missiles at the opponents that provide extensive amounts of damage to them. Additionally, Aisha has the ability to increase the HP and MATK, she can increase HP upto 205 and MATK upto 50%. All these abilities combine together to make Aisha a very useful character in the game. 


Anastasia is a knight in the Alchemist Code game who has the element of dark. The Bloody Rose skill allows her to provide dark damage to the enemy units in a particular area. She can make use of her HP to deal dark damage to the opponents. In addition to these abilities, Anastasia can also increase different stats of her units like HP, evasion rate, PATK and many more. These skills prove very important in most of the battles against the foes. 


Balt is a male human character in the Alchemist Code game and the element of Balt is wind. He possesses a sword and  farmable twin blades to knock the enemies down. The leader skill of Balt is called  Fresh Wind’s Boon that allows him to increase the evasion rate and PATK of other wind units. And Balt can also increase the attack power and HP when needed. He is a real team player and a great utility hero as well.

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