Final Fantasy: List of Female Characters (Girls)

Like many traditional games, Final Fantasy is also full of male characters. You will find male heroes, male villains, and even male NPCs all around in the game. The reason that why most traditional games represent male characters powerful has something to do with the assumption that gaming is somehow associated with masculinity. However, Final Fantasy breaks this traditional outlook, and in the game, you will find different female characters that are as powerful as male characters.

Here is a list of best female characters in Final Fantasy and you will find these characters very compelling. These characters are in no way non-equal to their male counterparts, if not better.

Rydia – Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The story of Rydia is very sad. In her childhood, her parents were killed. Not only this, but her entire hometown was burnt to ashes. This doubled the misery of this character. After that, the man who was responsible for inflicting all this misery and pain on Rydia abducted her. After that, she was handed to a monster. Rydia managed to bear all these troubles and horrors, and after that, she emerged as a mighty power that she could summon other monsters whenever she wanted. Each and every character in the game can be made perfect in orientation still remains a possibility, however, it cannot be denied that there are some female characters that are perfect in all respects.

Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Returns

Lightning worked formerly as a Sergeant in Cocoon’s Guardian Corps. The ideal of this character is to protect her family even in more severe situations. Initially, she wanted to save her sister which led her to face troubles and fights that continued for her entire life. It can also be said about this character that despite being surrounded by debacles and unanticipated harms, it never gave way to defeat. At times she had to fight with the god-machines and at other times she had to fight in such situations which were totally against the norms. The protection of her family and her honor are two most important things for Lightning worth living for.

Terra – Final Fantasy VI

Terra is an existential dilemma personified. All of us, at one point in our lives or another, ask ourselves a question that what is our existence, what is the purpose of our life, and where do we belong in this universe, and the existence of Terra can be described in terms of these questions. In her adolescence, Terra was kept in absolute surveillance and custody of the empire, which ruined her innocence and made her sensitive to her existence. In the game, Terra can be considered nothing more than a weapon which is being used by somebody.
Finally, after so many years, Terra manages to free herself from the bond of empire and fate finally shows its positive side. In the first half of Final Fantasy 6, Terra can be seen struggling to discover herself, as well as her place of belonging in the world. It can also be said that her main purpose in life is to find a purpose itself and then cling to it, spending a happy life.

Ashe – Final Fantasy XII, Revenant Wings

The misery of this character is threefold: her husband is slaughtered, her kingdom is destroyed and the subjects in her kingdom are also crushed by the cruel boots of enemies.

Any person facing all these situations will find himself collapsed, but we find in the game that Ashe is still very strong and using every bit of her energy to fight off enemies in sewers.
Her sole purpose in life is to defeat the invaders and make a good kingdom where her subjects would be able to live without any trouble. She is one of the boldest and most cunning characters in the entire game. You won’t find Ashe cracking because of pain at any moment in the game. Nobody can say about this character that it lacks personality.

Edea – Final Fantasy VIII

Edea can be described in terms of dichotomies: for instance, in the game, you will observe that she is a villain as well as a hero; she is a saint as well as a monster. Initially, Edea possessed an orphanage which unfortunately went into the hands of villains becoming a mercenary force. Edea is good in herself, but the bad part comes when Ultimecia comes to reside in her body turning her into a sadistic and brutal tyrant. Despite being villainous touch to her character, she is still considered a masterpiece of Final Fantasy game. Her personality is so striking, and when she is possessed, even stones tremble with fear.

Celes – Final Fantasy VI

Every person seems to have a limit – an extent – to which he can bear sorrow and misery, but in the case of Celes, there doesn’t seem to be any limit, because all we see is that she is enduring pain without any complaint. The way Celes is different from other female characters in Final Fantasy is that she has been trained by the empire itself, and most interestingly, she has imperial ambitions. She is a worthy protagonist with misery, pain, and grief. The saddest moment of Celes’ life is that each and every person she knew in her life was killed in an apocalypse. She is left alone, and she bears the burden alone. She is a general in the game, and the toughness she shows – as is required to play such a character as being general – is brilliant.

Aeris – Final Fantasy VII, Before Crisis

Aeris has different names: she is also called Cetra as well as Flower Girl. There are two distinguished things in this character: the first and the most important is that she is a remaining live example of a lost civilization that is totally ruined, and the second is that she is the most optimistic person in the game. The horror faced by this character is that she is surrounded by the foulest conglomerate with most foul intentions, and is trying to make her the subject of his disastrous experiments. Despite all this, she is very optimistic; not only she sees hope with her eyes, but she is also willing to instill this hope in the hearts of her teammates. Despite all this, you will often find that she still retains the air of mystery and her character is not fully revealed to you. At times, you will get the feeling that even when she is lost in a battle, her facial expressions and her body language will tell you as if she has won.

Fang – Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns

Fang is a relic of another age. She wears an outback outfit and she has an Australian accent, and the most distinguished thing about Fang is her temper. Once you see her temper, you will never want to make her angry. She yields a wicked spear. Another interesting thing about Fang is her sense of humor. You would love listening to her when at times she would talk. Because of her temper and ego, she is always unwilling to compromise on anything. But, this doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t compromise for her friends. When it comes to the matter of friends, she is endlessly self-sacrificing.

Beatrix – Final Fantasy IX

Beatrix is the character who is always questioning the sworn loyalty of soldiers to their lords, and her more brutal and sadistic attitude makes her more of a villain than a hero. One thing is quite distinguished in Beatrix that she believes in personal honor, and for her, there is nothing greater than that. She can do even the most wicked things to retain her personal honor, for instance, in the game, she serves a monarch that she knows is on the wrong side only to maintain her honor. When compared to other characters in the game, she is preferable to all.

Lulu – Final Fantasy X

Lulu has different characteristics: for instance, she is a very loving mother, but at times, she wouldn’t hesitate to use black magic to protect her children. Lulu is the character which helped Yuna a lot in her pilgrimage. The distinguished characteristic of Lulu is her pragmatic approach, her motherly love, and her fierce attitude when the situation demands. It is really disappointing that she is now replaced by a new character that is hardly the substitute.

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