Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List

Dragon Ball Fighterz is a 3D fighting game which was released by Namco Entertainment in 2018. Dragon Ball Fighterz is the best game with high quality graphics and visual effects made for the Dragon Ball game players. You can play Dragon Ball Fighterz on PC, Xbox or on your playstations. In this game, you have to make a team of 3 characters to fight with the opponent. This would be a 3 versus 3 battle. Both teams will have a lead character who is the integral part of the fight. If the lead character of any team gets killed then the team would get weaker.

There are more than 20 characters available in the game. Some characters are locked in the game. Various kinds of new battle arenas and backgrounds have been introduced in this edition of Dragon Ball games.

Every character possessed unique fighting techniques and tactics. During the fight, you can replace a character with another. You have to kill all 3 characters of the opponent in order to win the fight. You can ask your fellow character for a special attack. In this situation one of your characters will come to attack the opponent and then goes back to its designated area. The players have got some special skills, they can hide the characters behind the opponent and can attack on his back.

You can play Dragon Ball Fighterz in multiplayer mode, In this mode you can fight with the players all around the globe. Beat them and climb up the game ranking.

The characters of Dragon Ball Fighterz are categorized into five groups.

The leading heroes in the group S are Bardock and Goku GT. They have got the highest kill scores world wide and are the most powerful fighters.

The main heroes in group A are Yamcha and Vegeta. These characters are the second pick of players. They can provide extensive damage to the opponent. The top characters in group B are Captain Ginyu and Cooler. They are just average fighters. They might not give you a bigger result in the fight. The main heroes in the group C are Videl and Janemba. They may perform well in some situations of the fight but not so good for every fight.

Some of the characters in the group D are Beerus and Krillin. These two are supposed to be the weakest heroes of the game.

Tier S

Goku GT
Kid Buu
Teen Gohan

Tier A

Goku Black
Goku Base
Android 21
Android 18
Android 16

Tier B

Captain Ginyu
Majin Buu
Vegeta Base
Vegeta SSGSS

Tier C

Android 17

Tier D


Goku GT:

Goku GT is a very tiny character when you look at his physique and height but he is one of the most popular characters of the game because of his mobility and damage control. He has the ability to control tons of damage. With his jumping heavy attacks, Goku GT pushes the enemies backward. He spins the power pole to extend it and then strikes the enemies on ground and in the air. This is a very important tool of Goku GT. He also uses it to launch himself in the air to attack the enemies in air. All these skills combine together to make Goku GT a leading and popular character of the Dragon Ball Fighterz game. 


Cell is a male character of the bio android race. He is made up of the cells of different heroes of the game, that’s why he is named Cell. Cell hits the enemies with lethal strikes and he also has the ability to counter the attacks of his opponents. He uses the flip kick combo skill to decrease the health of opponents quickly. In addition to this, he charges on the enemies and attacks them with continuous hits, these hits can be more than 20 at a time. Cell takes the opponent to one corner on the game screen and then knocks them out with non stop damaging strikes. 

Kid Buu:

Kid Buu is a very damaging male character from the Majin race. His special attack is called Mystic Ball attack, it can be performed on the ground and in air as well. This attack deals massive amounts of damage to the opponents. You can extend the attacks of Kid Buu like Cell by hitting the attack buttons. He is a really swift character who attacks the opponents rapidly with his punches and kicks. Kid Buu also possesses the ability to charge at the enemies and hit them with a headbutt strike.

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